Important Different Definitions Deed or Khatian


There are many students or many people, who do not know the proof of land-related documentation or Khatian. As a result, we can not tell or tell about different documents or Khatian. There are many problems with this. So today, you have some important documents or Khatian definition, I am sharing among you.

1. What is Khatian?

The Land Record Survey, along with the description of the estate of one or more landowners based on the mouza, is prepared as a Khatian. It contains the name of the landlord’s name and the names of the people, landmark, quantity, nature, rate of rent, etc. There are various types of attempts in our country to be noticed. Among them, CS, SA, and RS are notable. The description of ownership of landowners in land surveys is called Khatian. Khatian is prepared based on mouza.

2. What is CS Khatian?

In the year 1910-220, the government amenders, according to the measurement of each land area, the design of the mouza of the nature of its size, location and use, and the distribution of the landlords of each landlord, the Khatian is known as CS Khatian.

3. What is SA Khatian?

The government acquired zamindari after passing the zamindari acquisition and tenancy act of 1950. Activists of the survey conducted by the government surveyors did not go to the field and corrected the CS Khatiyan, which prepared the Khatian, it is known as SA Khatian. Also known in this region as Khatian RS Khatian. In the year 136, this commentary was prepared by SA Khatian 62 of most people also known as Khatian.

4. What is RS Khatian? ‘

After the survey, the survey that was later called for correction of the error mentioned in it is known as RS Khatian. It is to be seen that survey workers did not investigate in preparation for preparing the preparedness in the light of the SA survey. There was a lot of error in it. To eradicate this error, the government has taken initiative to prepare and reconsider the land in the different regions of the country. This Khatian is known as RS Khatian. Although it has not been completed all over the country yet, in many districts RS Khatian has finally been published.

The government aminers prepare to prepare the Khatian by applying the land in the field and it is less noticeable. In many areas of Bangladesh, this Khatian is also known as BS Khatian.

5. What’s the BS Khatian?

This survey was last performed in the 1990s. Also known as a metropolitan survey in the Dhaka region.

6. What is the Deed?

Any written description that is acceptable as a legal witness is called a deed. However, according to the provisions of the Registration Act, the purchase and registration of the contract for the transfer of the land and the seller and the property of the seller is a document of general nature.

7. What is Khanapuri?

When preparing mouza after preparation, after preparation of Khataian, every column of the Khatian form is called khanapuri in the process of completing the survey by the survey staff.

8. What is Namzari ?

The process of enrolling the name of the new owner in the purchase order/succession form or the new owner of the land in any formula is called the nomination.

9. What is the schedule?

The details that bear the identity of the land are called “schedules”. In the schedule, the name of the mouza, the number, the number of Khatia, the number of spots, the land area, the amount of land, etc. are entered.

10. What is the Dag Number /” Katta “?

The meaning of the word stains is the landmark. The number or sign of the measurement given to the measurement of the land or part of the measurement given at the time the measurement was made at that time.

When the survey map is prepared, each land fragment has been given separate alarms for identifying or identifying land boundary in Mouza Naxa. And this number is called a mark number. There may be different quantities of land in different spots. Basically, according to the number of spaces, the land owner’s boundary is displayed under a mausoleum. Dake is called Kitta somewhere.

11. What is the stain spell?

When designing or modifying the land in the initial stage of the land survey, when the number is assigned to each of the land units in the design, then if the number is forgotten, then the number is marked as a spell. Again, if the design is rectified by combining two spots in the initial stage, then the stain marks that are excluded are also known as spots.

12. What is Whisper’?

Before preparing the final analysis in land surveys, the copy of the draft document to the landowners is given to the landowners as “the field trial”. If anybody has any objection after receiving the confirmation by certifying this field of the field, the Revenue / Revenue Officer, the Khatian is finally published. And the copy of final confirmation is called “whisper”.

13.  What is Chita?

The full details of the size of a small land, such as, etc are known as Chita. Before making the final decree in the Batwara case, before the final decree of the Advocate Commissioner, the Commissioner, according to the primary decree, according to the assessment of the land, according to the preliminary decree, the property will be given to the parties accordingly. The draft map that he prepared at that time is known as Chita or chitagaga.

14. What is the name of the grab?

Certificate of Handover Certificate If a person purchases a property bidding through the issuance of the certificate, then the certificate that gives the certificate of the property to the occupier of the property is called an occupation.

The people of the government of the country beat the drums, flutter the red flag or take possession of a bamboo. If a property sale of the auction is done in the case of a declaration, then the court acquires the property of the buyer and the certificate that gives the certificate is also called an occupation. Whoever receives the title of a property from the government or the court, must assume that the occupied person has possession of the property.

15. What is the rent?

The government, on an annual basis, collects the tax for land use from the people, as the rent.

16. What is Bomanama?

In accordance with Article 94 of the Code of Civil Procedure of 1908, if auctioned real estate sale is final, the court gives a certificate to the auctioneer that gives certificates to the buyer of the auctioned property, which is known as Bainama.

There are other information in the name of the buyer’s name in the auction. If an auction sale is final, then the applicant must give the appliance in favor of the buyer.

The date on which auction sale is final is to be mentioned in the Biyanam.

17. What is Jambandi?

During the zamindari period zamindars or Talukdar’s Shrestha known as the submission of the rules of registration of land, land and rent records. At present, there is a similar record kept in the Tahsil office and it is known as the submission.

18. What is the disclosure?

Regarding the particular form or receipt (form no. 1077) given to the government or property owner, it is known as Dakhila or Rashid of the rent.

Entry is not a document of title, but it carries important evidence about possession.

19. What is DCR?

After receiving the other official dues without land tax, the receipt issued in the prescribed form (form no 222) is called DCR.

20. What is acceptance?

The government’s decision to grant settlement of land to farmers is accepted by the people and the pledge given to pay the rent is acceptable.

21. What is the pharaoh?

According to Islamic law, rules and procedures for distributing the property of a deceased person are called the Pharaoh.

22. What is the Heir?

Heirs According to religious regulations, a person who does not wish to bequeath the death of his wife, child or close relative, who is entitled to be an owner in his leave property,

23. What is the mandate?

According to the Amellanama or the order, the land from the zamindar means the settlement of occupation of the property and the proof of possession. In short, the instructions of the zamindar for settlement of the land given to the people by the zamindars are amanimanam.

24. What is the dismissal rejected

Creating new credits separately by splitting the submitted deposit jointly. Due to the transfer or distribution of any land to any of the tenants, it is said that the new hold or the Khatiaan Khola, along with some land from the main Khatian, is rejected. In other words, the creation of a new holding or accounting with some part of some land from the original accountant is rejected..

25. What is mouza?

When CS survey / cadastral survey is done, one or more villages based on the police station, union, para, and mahalas are divided into a different one and serial numbers are divided. And each of these divisions is called mouza. A mouza is recited with one or a few villages or neighborhoods.

26. What is Amin?

Amin is responsible for designing and making preparations for land survey and preparation of land survey.

27. What is Kistoa?

After preparing quadrilateral and morbidity in land surveys, the chain on the Siqmi line is determined by the exact method to prepare the design by drawing a real geographical representation of a partial volume.

28. What is siksati?

The land that gets destroyed due to river erosion, it is called siksati. If the land of the Sukanti land is settled within 30 years, then on the pretext of being a sect, the person who owns the land or his successor will be subject to the ownership of the land.

29. What is piyanti?

The roots of the soil from the river poultry are said to be due to the formation of land.


Lastly, I want to say that the ones that were present in you. If there is any mistake in it, then it will be shown in the apology. And make a comment.