Short Biography | Allama Noman Faizi (RA:)

Allama Noman Faizi (RA:) | Biography

Briefly introduction of Allama Noman Faizi (RA:) Birth: Allama Noman Faizi (RA:) was born in 1953 in the house ( Huzur bari) of Mekhal Union in Hathazari. Genealogy: Allama Mozaffar Ahmad (Prakash, Mejh Huzur), father of Allama Noman Faizi, was the director of Mekhal Madrasah. They are three brothers and one sister. Among the brothers, Maulana Usman Faizi is the director […]

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Allama Shah Ahmad Shafi (Rh:) | Biography

Allama Shah Ahmad Shafi

Biography | Criticism | Attitude | Allama Shah Ahmad Shafi(Rh:): Biography: Firstly :  Allama Shah Ahmad Shafi (1920-18 September 2020) was a Bangladeshi Islamic figure. Founder of Hefazat-e-Islam Bangladesh.The Chairman of Befaqul Madarisil Arabia Bangladesh. The Director-General of Hathazari of Darul Uloom Mueenul Islam. Secondly : Shafi was born in Pakhiartila village of Rangunia police station in Chittagong. He was […]

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Prophet Muhammad’s (s:) biography

Introduction: Prophet Muhammad (s:) is the Prophets of Islam, the Prophet of Allah. In his arrival, the radical change of religion and civilization was achieved. The person whose walks we have been blessed today, he has left such a policy among us. If you follow the rules, you can easily get close to God. Birth and Dynasty: In 570 AD, […]

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