Prophet Muhammad’s (s:) biography

Introduction: Prophet Muhammad (s:) is the Prophets of Islam, the Prophet of Allah. In his arrival, the radical change of religion and civilization was achieved. The person whose walks we have been blessed today, he has left such a policy among us. If you follow the rules, you can easily get close to God.

Birth and Dynasty: In 570 AD, the Quraish clan in the city of Mecca in Arabia was Muhammad (S :). His father’s name is Abdullah and his mother Amena.

Childhood and adolescence: Prophet Mohammad (S 🙂 Bibi has cared for Halima. She was almost concerned about thinking. The Arabs used to do many kinds of evil at the time. He always gave good advice to them. His honesty and truthfulness impressed everyone. Therefore, everyone called him “Al-Amin”.

Domestic life: Muhammad (S) married a widow named Khadija, at the age of 25.

Prophethood: One day he was meditating in the cave of Hera. At that time the revelation is revealed. This is called Prophethood. At that time Hadrat’s age was forty-six years.

Death: In the year 63 of Rabiul Awal, our world prophet Muhammad (s:) left the world.

Conclusion: The holy words of Prophet Muhammad (s:), his glorious form is an echo of the whole world. He is the greatest and last prophet.

Here, I will be shortly explained biography of Prophet Muhammad (S :). But his biography cannot be written down. ‍So we should follow his advice, request etc. That will be a source of peace for us and for the hereafter, and to gain Heaven easily.

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