How to take responsibility for your children

There are many parents who do not look after the responsibility of the child after they have admitted to the school or university. Because of which the child does not do well or cannot do good results. Today, among the 15 main responsibilities of the guardian, the children/students studying:

1. Ensure your child is regularly present in Madrasah/school/college and universities etc.

2. Five times a day to pray.

3. Learn about your child’s daily handwriting in the home.

4. Ready to wear clothes, sent to madrasah/school/ college and universities etc.

5. Collected before the expiry of all the stationary etc of register/pen and study.

6. Usually for any work, not to be present in Madrasah /school/college and universities etc.

7. For any acceptable work, if requested by the guardian for the holidays or directly in Madrasah/school/                   college and universities etc, please leave the holiday.

8. Do not Allah inform the teachers of Madrasah/school/college and universities etc if any student gets sick.

9. Maintain good relation with education in madrasah/school /college and universities etc.

10. Madrasah / School / College and Universities etc in the teaching of the staff giving guidance to the                        students about good and honest behavior and respect.

11. Give warnings on mobile usage or watching television shows.

12. Give warnings to friends and friends about excessive time chatting or playing with friends.

13. Down to wake up in the morning and sleep between 10 pm.

14. In the madrasas/school/ college and universities etc institutions know about the subject of your child’s               education from teachers.

15. Madrasah / School / College and Universities etc, be aware that it is reaching the right time

       and coming back from the organization at the right time.

Therefore, this responsibility is not enough. But many responsibilities stay within themselves. However, your child will become well-educated.

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