10 Mistakes Gas Cylinders In The House


Today, cooking gas cylinders in your home, will it not be a threat to your family tomorrow? It is important to keep the home and gas cylinder safe. There is only one need to have a great idea in this regard. Many people do not even know what can be done if there is a cylinder in the house. Do not make these 10 mistakes if you have gas cylinders at home.

1)  It is compulsory to have a ‘BSTI’ print in the rubber pipe with a gas cylinder. But keep an eye on one more              thing with him. The gas pipe is not more than one and a half feet long in length. In that case, there will be               difficulty in pipe testing.

2) Keep in mind that the regulator’s nazel is covered well with a pipe. Make sure that the gas pipes do not fall in        any way with hot burners.

3) Clean the pipe with the regular wet cloth. But do not forget to use soapy water. After 2 years, of course,            change the pipe.

4) To keep clean, do not wrap the gas pipe with any type of cloth or plastic nail. In that case, if the pipe burst            or leak, it will not be caught.

5)  If you understand the gas leak, do not do any electrical appliance on the house. Oven shut the regulator              and open the doors and windows.

6) After the gas leak, if the smell does not stop in a while, then call the Gas Distributor’s Office or Helpline               number. Separate the regulator from the cylinder, and put the coffees in the mouth of the cylinder.

7) Take care not to light any candles or lamps around empty gas cylinders while opening the gas regulator.

8) It is important to have at least 10 square feet to place two cylinders in one room. Do not place cylinders in            places where it can easily be overheated.

9) Do not keep any clothes, Dishes, etc. on the cylinder.

10) Keep the gas oven at least six inches above the cylinder. Keep an eye on the oven so that it does not have             direct air.


Finally, if we follow the above rules, we can stay away from the cylinder blast. So be very careful about the above issues.