Short Biography | Allama Noman Faizi (RA:)

Allama Noman Faizi (RA:) | Biography

Briefly introduction of Allama Noman Faizi (RA:) Birth: Allama Noman Faizi (RA:)¬†was born in 1953 in the house ( Huzur bari) of Mekhal Union in Hathazari. Genealogy: Allama Mozaffar Ahmad (Prakash, Mejh Huzur), father of Allama Noman Faizi, was the director of Mekhal Madrasah. They are three brothers and one sister. Among the brothers, Maulana Usman Faizi is the director […]

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History and Names of Mekhal | Mekhal

Introduction: I have shortly Explained in this articles History and Naming , Location and boundary, Area, Population about the Mekhal. History and Naming: Mekhal Hathazari is a union adjoining the upazila headquarters. The name Mekhla originates from the word mekhala. Mekhala means the waistband or waistline. The gold rate that women wear when wearing jewelry is called mekhala. According to […]

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