Allama Shah Ahmad Shafi (Rh:) | Biography

Allama Shah Ahmad Shafi

Biography | Criticism | Attitude | Allama Shah Ahmad Shafi(Rh:): Biography: Firstly :  Allama Shah Ahmad Shafi (1920-18 September 2020) was a Bangladeshi Islamic figure. Founder of Hefazat-e-Islam Bangladesh.The Chairman of Befaqul Madarisil Arabia Bangladesh. The Director-General of Hathazari of Darul Uloom Mueenul Islam. Secondly : Shafi was born in Pakhiartila village of Rangunia police station in Chittagong. He was […]

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Hathazari | History | Naming | Location | boundaries

Introduction : All peoples or students want to know about the history and naming of hathazari, locations and boundaries . But i have explained in this articales some information about the Hathazari. History and Naming of Hathazari: Firstly : Hathazari is a historic and important upazila in northern Chittagong. Hathazari is named after a historical event. Its former name was […]

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