15 Yaba Resistance for Kids | Students

15 Yaba Resistance for Kids | Students :

15 Yaba Resistance for Kids | Students

15 Yaba Resistance for Kids | Students


The day after day in our society are being addicted to various drugs, general people and students studying in school, college, and university etc. They are facing a huge loss of life. Life’s going to progress. In other parts of the country, society, family, thief, robbery etc are running.

In fact, we can solve these problems. Among them, today you have highlighted some important issues related to Yaba resistance or Yaba control you. Following these things, Yaba will be able to survive addiction.


1. Avoiding such a wrong idea that playing Yaba increases sexual capacity.

2. Avoid completely ignoring Yaba’s other side effects.

3. Increase interest in life. Reduce curiosity about the use of any chemicals or medicines.

4. Strengthen family ties through ethical and religious education and values. If you are a Muslim community, you should pray five times, and if you follow other religious people pray according to your religion.

5. Emotional influences lead to addiction. To increase the power of self-control.


6. Not taking any medicines without the doctor’s advice. If someone is addicted, then it is treated quickly.

7. Avoid these consequences, completely ignoring those people. To stop contact if necessary, delete the phone number of Yaba dealers, phone number of friends. If necessary, change your number too.

8. In the long run, treatment of antidepressants, vitamins, sleeping medicines offered by specialist doctors, and regular medication can be taken with sufficient emphasis.

9. Take regularly balanced and nutritious food.

10. Never stay alone at home alone.


11. Doing good work, watching movies, traveling with family and friends in beautiful places.

12. To create overall social resistance to save the country’s youth from Yaba’s aggression.

13. Take proper action to stop the production and supply of Yaba in the country, including the closure of Yaba in the country.

14. Provide ideal punishment for drug dealers.

15. Making awareness about Yaba’s misdeeds, especially awareness among young people of emerging age.


Lastly, If you are addicted to Yaba. Then follow the above topics. Along with this information your classmates about these reasons. In spite of this, build yourself and a beautiful society help others as well as create a beautiful society.