Dialogue | Necessity of learning English.

⇒ Write a dialogue between two friends about the necessity of learning English.

Puja: Hello, Nowrin, how are you?

Nowrin: I am not fine, And you?

Puja: Nice, Where are you going?

Nowrin: I have an English class with the second-year students.

Puja: What is the condition in English of your students.

Nowrin: Not so good. I don’t understand why they don’t study English seriously?

Puja: I also think so. They should know that English is an international language.

Nowrin: Yes. The necessity of learning this language can’t be overstated.

Puja: Yes, if our student doesn’t learn English, we will be unable to produce good doctors, engineers,                               technicians etc.

Nowrin: Exactly, our international relations an communications would be affected too if we don’t know                                 English.

Puja: You may get yourself admitted into a reputed language learning center.

Nowrin: Thank you, Puja, Bye.

Puja: Bye. Fi-Amanillah.

Finally, I want to say, this dialogue is for the examination of PSC, JSC, JDC etc or for the students of studying in four, five, six, seven and eight classes. Because this dialogue has been used very simple words or languages. This short dialogue is not enough for the students studying in the upper class.