Composition | A Journey By Boat


Bangladesh is a land of rivers. A journey by boat is more enjoyable to me than any other journey. So a journey by boat is a very common thing in our country. There is a proverb: Fundamental wisdom and money in the hands and no knowledge is needed for wealth. So we should every year go out the journey all friends or classmates or family members any other place.


Our school was closed on the Ramadan vacation. I proposed to some of my friends to make a journey by boat. They agreed to my proposal. So, We decided to go to my maternal uncle’s house.  I proposed to some of my classmates to join me to make the journey more enjoying/interesting. Two of my classmates accepted my proposal and accompanied me.


It was a five-mile journey. We hired a boat. We started the journey from our Ghat at 2 P.M. There were three boatmen. One boatman started to row. He was very expert. Soon we reached the big rivers.T he farmers were working in the fields on both the sides of the river. The river was full to the brim. The river was calm. A gentle breeze was blowing. There were green fields on both the sides of the river. We enjoyed the scenery to our heart’s content and we saw that many children were bathing and swimming in the river. The journey was very interesting, at 4 P.M. We reached our destination and our journey came to an end.


The journey by boat really gave us pleasure. We enjoyed the journey very much. This journey is not a mistake. We have decided, if we stop school every year, any place or boat will go out on a journey. We should take such a journey from time to time.