Top 10 Health benefits/advantage of Banana:


Banana is a fruit popular worldwide. This fruit of sweet taste is very tasty and nutritious. Art helps in body strength and helps in solving various physical problems. There are 116 calories in every 100 grams, calcium 85 mg, iron 0.6 mg, low Vitamin-C, vitamin B-complex 8 mg, phosphorus 50 mg, water 70.1 %, Protein 1.2%, fat / fat 0.3%, mineral salt 0.8%, fiber 0.4%, carbohydrates 7.2%. There are also a few more vitamins I mentioned the top 10 health benefits or advantage of the bananas below:

  1. The calories contain plenty of banana. So, playing a banana for only a long time gives strength to the body.
  2. When the excessive fever or sudden reduction in weight decreases, the body becomes weak. By eating bananas on them, energy will be released in the body and early weakness is cut.
  3. There is plenty of potassium in the pulp. So bale health is beneficial for health.
  4. The bananas act like antacids. That means bananas help digestion and solve the problem of stomach hip. Art also helps to prevent the growth of bacterial harmful substances in the stomach.
  5. The colon has plenty of iron which helps in the production of hemoglobin in the blood. As a result, banana is very beneficial for those who are suffering from blood vacuum.
  6. Calorie intake reduces burns and does not cause harmful acids in the stomach. It will be beneficial to play a banana in every day filled with stomach problems.
  7. If there is diarrhea, the water becomes empty and the potassium is released from the body. In this, eating bananas will remove the lack of potassium in the body and the heart’s activities will be normal.
  8. There is a fatty acid chain in the pulp, which is good for the skin cells and helps keep the body healthy. Also, these fatty acid acids help in taking nutrition.
  9. There is plenty of potassium in the pulse which is good for blood pressure control. Banana is beneficial for stroke resistance.
  10. Banana can be eaten more than smoking. Because Vitamin B6, B-12, potassium, magnesium present in the pulp helps to remove the effects of nicotine from the body.


Finally, there are several other beneficial aspects besides these benefits or ‍advantage. So we must eat every day and eat bananas or children should be interested in eating bananas.