Physical disadvantages | Yaba Effects

Physical disadvantages | Yaba Effects:

Physical disadvantages | Yaba Effects

Physical disadvantages | Yaba Effects


Due to the long-term harmful drug-taking of Yaba, people’s life has changed greatly due to rapid changes. Apart from economic damage, due to this addiction, there are two types of physical and emotional-related harm. Let me mention here that in some cases you may have physical problems.

Physical problems

Sexual needs changes:

Many people use Yaba as they have strong sexual stimulants. Addiction reached such a stage that it was almost impossible to give up. Then nothing more like Yaba. At the first low dosage tablets, there is a gradual increase in the dose. Youtube leads to temporary sexual tension at the beginning of acceptance. But gradually the loss of sexual promiscuity or destruction is completely destroyed. Sperms are damaged due to long-term use and the ability to give birth to children is also lost. Women also have problems in menstruation and gradually start losing their sexual needs, skills or sex.

Brain problems:

Both methamphetamine and caffeine are stimulants of the brain, which make the buyer desperate. Some small blood vessels in the brain may be lost due to Yaba. Due to the longevity of being able to be paralyzed or unable to move to the bore stroke at the young age of 95 percent.

Blood pressure increases:

rapid heart rate increases and blood pressure rises. Which is going to increase the blood pressure twice as much as our normal blood pressure.

A headache:

Acute a headache or a catch headache. Which will affect your work or education?

The eyesight decreases:

The eye glands are stretched (dialed). The vision gradually decreases or is lost.Later symptoms may cause vision loss or long vision.

Missing memory:

No one remembers or forgets. Focus on work or lack of interest.As a result, many problems have to be faced.

Dangers of hunger:

Yaba’s deadly response is hunger or hunger. As a result, the weight gradually decreases. Compared to our body weight loss can be affected by various diseases.

Chest rash:

Sometimes the rash flashes, the unsteady suffer. Chest pain or heart problems can be created. Chest pain or heart problems can be created.

Liver problems:

Livercerosis can also lead to cancer of the liver. Even occasionally pain may occur.

Kidney problems:

There is a type of heat produced on the body, which can cause kidney damage. Also, various problems in the kidney can saw.

Lung Problems:

Using smoke as a nose can lead to lung water accumulation or other damage.


Skin and skin become red or develop lethal problems. Which can of your skin destroy or harm.

Lose performance:

The body becomes lazy. The study decreases interest in everyday activities, losing performance.


Extra Yaba taking may cause hyperthermia or high physical temperature.

Sleep Problems:

Someone sleeps in the night and wakes up at night. Some people woke up for seven to ten days and then slept continuously.

Withdrawal Effect:

If someone tries to leave Yaba suddenly, then there is a fierce reaction. For this, it is better to take medicine under the supervision of a specialist doctor at the drug addiction center.


In spite of this, I want to say that due to these reasons and abdominal pain, toothache, nausea, vomiting, convulsion, and convulsions can also lead to death. Therefore, we should advise the order to give up Yaba and to leave the other.