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World Ijtema or World Ijtima, usually every year Any major assembly in the world, but Especially Tabligh Jamaat’s Annual Global The rally, which is the Turag River in Tongi, Bangladesh Is held on the shore. Tabligh Jamaat This really is the largest in the world, and in this Participate from different parts of the world Religious Muslims. The word ‘World Ijtema’ is Bangla and Arabic is formed by the combination of words: Arabic ‘Ijtema’ Money convergence, meeting or assembly. Usually, every year Organize this rally in winter That’s because December or January month Is chosen. Dhaka World Ijtema’s Muslims Apart.


Dhaka World Ijtema ground Muslims together From 1967 to this gathering every year Regularly organized.In Bangladesh, in 1946, the annual conference of Tabligh Jamiat or Ijtema was first held in the Kakrail Mosque of Ramna Park in Dhaka. Ijtema was held at Haji Camp in Chittagong in 1948, Ijtema was held in Siddhirganj in Narayanganj in 1958. Then it was known only as Ijtema. Since the number of participants increased in the year 1966, Ijtema was organized in the open ground of Tongi Pagar village.

In addition to hosted Bangladesh in that year, religious believers from different countries of the world have been known as ‘World Ijtema’. From 1967 to present, ‘World Ijtema’ is situated on the north-east bank of the river Turag, situated on the east side of Tongi, with a height of 160 acres of land owned by RAJUK

Being held in open ground. Millions of devout Muslims from remote villages and towns of Bangladesh every year and 25 to 30 lakh devotees, including Muslims of Tabligi Dindra, around 50 to 55 countries around the world.

Participate in World’s Second Largest International Islamic seminar or World Ijtema. In 1927, Maulana Iliyas [Rd] launched Islamic Dahavat (Tablig) in the Saharanpur area of Uttar Pradesh and organized a jointly organized district or Ijtema. In Bangladesh, in the 1950s, Maulana introduced Tabligh Jamaat


Abdul Aziz The rally was organized centrally in the central meeting of Tabligh Jamaat or Kakrail Mosque of the main center in Bangladesh. The whole gathering is organized by a flock of devout Muslim volunteers – from financial and physical support to the first and last They are trying to make the really successful. The entire assembly is an open field, which is prepared for the rally with the saddle on the bamboo poles. Tin roof and in fencing were arranged for foreign guests only. The venue was first shared with the number of Pitta and later Pitta.

The participants identify their position with the number of Points and Pitta numbers. Besides, different sections of the different divisions and districts of Bangladesh are divided. There are separate security-related areas for foreign guests, where volunteers ensure strict security, no armed forces are allowed to enter. Generally, Tabligh Jamaat participants have the intention to spend the last three days in the way of Allah. As it is, every year the World Ijtema is held in three days.

Generally, the world Ijtema program starts from Amban and Juma in the third week of January every year. Since the number of participants in this rally increased every year, the Kakrail Mosque Authority decided to double the World Ijtema twice every year. In the same continuation, this decision was implemented from 1st of 2011, and the rally was held in six days in separate days for three days. The rally begins with the speech or open speech and the final prayer or completion ends with prayer.

Many ordinary Muslims do not spend three days in Ijtema, but only participate in the prayer of Juma or participate in Akheri Munajat, But most people participated in Akheri Munajate. The head of the Government of Bangladesh (Prime Minister), the head of state (President), other leaders and leaders of the opposition party leaders took part in Akheri Munajat separately.


Some information about the crowd of people in the railway station to return to the world Ijtema in 2011 is in the year 2013 in the world Ijtema in Akheri Munajate people are taking risks on the train to participate in a movie camera anywhere inside the rally.

In the huge ground which is held in Ijtema, there is a grazing area for the rest of the period except for the assembly. Even during floods, the water sinks under water. Some people die in the Ijtema ground every year, their funerals are also there. Every year many dowry marriages

Ijtema is held in Maidan. Only the groom gave his consent by accepting the acceptance of the Ijtema ground. The consent of the bridegroom acquires the Qazi from his house. Many government and non-government organizations provide free medical services and medicines to the people coming to the rally for the sake of their public or for the public. After this, the media is directly involved in the rally.


But now many media broadcast live broadcast live directly to the rally. Azan is not used to bring the taste of the time of Islam during the Ijtema ground and no sound system is used during the Prayer. The sound of the Imam spread throughout the whole field through the repetition of the defendants responsible for hearing the sounds of the original Imam. And, in response to the call, the freedom freed people to pray.


Finally, I want to say in this history could not be telling. Because of a lot of reasons or causes or ways How to establish in world Ijtema of the world wild. But I will be shortly explained in this article.