15 Online Business Ideas | Start Anyone

15 Online Business Ideas- Start Anyone

15 Online Business Ideas, Start Anyone

15 Online Business Ideas, Start Anyone


The online profit rate of online business is doubling daily. In the last 1 year, online sales around the world are around 2.304 trillion dollars. Online Business is going to take over a large part of the retail market all over the world. Even in 2018, 47.3% of the total population worldwide will purchase online products.

However, if you are interested in this online business related to our rapidly changing lives. I will be explained 15 online business ideas.


Speaking of online business ideas, the first e-commerce talk will come. This e-commerce has the first line of online business. If you want you can start your online business with e-commerce. But there are some things to keep in mind:

  1. Investigate the lucrative market
  2. Do not start with expensive products at first
  3. Please verify the market demand of the product
  4. Take ideas from other e-commerce sites
  5. Handicrafts

From today’s modern society, today’s demand for handicrafts has not diminished. People are still dependent on handicrafts in order to fulfill the many essential necessities or daily necessities. You can start this business online if you want.

If you can buy and sell directly from the craftsmanship of those handicrafts, the amount of profit will be more likely.


From today’s modern society, today’s demand for handicrafts has not diminished. People are still dependent on handicrafts in order to fulfill the many essential necessities or daily necessities. You can start this business online if you want.

If you can buy and sell directly from the craftsmanship of those handicrafts, the amount of profit will be more likely.

3.Books Selling

Although there are many websites selling new books in the market there is nothing to be disappointed about. Because successful people think like ordinary people, but in a different way. You can sell old books if you want. How much is the demand for old books, you can actually see the blue sky in Dhaka?

You can start your online business without buying old books. In the beginning, you can start with Facebook pages or groups. Later, if you increase your capital, you can open a web site and expand your business further.

4.Sale of seasonal products

You can compare online business to local business. From today’s local business, people’s trust in online business has increased a lot. You can sell seasonal products online if you want.

Cleansing the matter a bit easier to understand. For example, you can do business in America in the summer. You can sell it online directly from Rajshahi by getting formalin mango. Besides, the fruits and products of the products that are available in different seasons, you can sell those products online.

5.Wholesale sale of wholesale products

If you can sell goods at a wholesale price, online customer demand will increase significantly. For example, you can buy rice from the village and sell rice online in Dhaka.

And rice is usually bought by people 1 kg or 2 kg, but instead of sacks or according to mind. So this type of business can be useful for you.

6.Medicine or medical supplies

Most of the time, people go to the pharmacy and do not get medicine according to the doctor’s prescription, so there is a lot of suffering. Again, many residential areas do not have a pharmacy, emergency care is not available for medicines.

And in these cases, online sites play more role than a pharmacy. Because people can order medicines online for urgent needs, they can get medicines at home. And so you can start this online business right now.

7.Buying old things to buy

You can visit sales dots to get ideas about the needs of old goods. Opening the website or initially, you can sell old things on Facebook.

8.Homemade food

Although man is dependent on instruments in mechanical life, human love still remains to the hand made food. You can create home-made cakes, pasta, or other delicious foods to promote online, on Facebook, or on the website.

The demand for hand-made foods in the life of urban life will naturally be much more. So this kind of online business may be the stairs of your success.


Without leisure time busy life cannot be imagined. And incorporate labels, holidays are available in the past. People do not even have time to wash or dress. Many times, due to idleness, the store does not come by.

So you can use these golden opportunities if you want. Initially, you can start this service based on the area or area, and you can work with a contract with online laundry shops in the mall.

10.Online classes

Your smile may come in the “online class” story. But the reality is that if you want, it can be the best medium of online business.

Before you start an online class, you have to be known to the people. In this case, you can overtake YouTube. You can give a video about what you have experienced on YouTube. Later, when the number of your well-wisher’s increases, you can arrange a paid secret class with them. It could be either Skype or any other way.

You can also earn money by uploading your educational videos on several online sites.


You can easily earn money even if you open a blog. At the present time, many people take blogging as their professions. You can blog in Bengali or English if you want. But English language blog needs more visitors and visitors.

You can earn money through blogging. For example Google Adsense, advertisements of local advertisements or advertisements of any company. Again, you can also earn by writing a paid review or sponsored post.

Blogging on topics that can:

  1. News Analysis
  2. food recipe
  3. science or technology
  4. Religious
  5. Health or lifestyle
  6. Tutorials
  7. History
  8. Sport
  9. Mystery based etc.


There is nothing new about YouTube. Bangladesh already has many nominal YouTube users, whom you read in the newspapers. If you want you can online business on YouTube.

You can ask yourself the type of videos you want to do. You can video on the topic that you have experienced, or get ideas from other YouTube videos.

13.Affiliate Marketing

With Affiliate Marketing you can earn money by sharing links to different products or services online. For more details, you can read the posts of affiliate marketing of affiliate marketing websites in this category.

14.Web design and development

If you are a web designer and developer, then you can online business on website design. Because in this age of information technology, people often create websites for their own or organization. Someone else is updating their website again, it is necessary for web designers and developers.

If you want, you can provide this service online. You can also create websites and sell them on several websites. Such as:

  1. Theme forest
  2. Creative market
  3. Mojo marketplace
  4. Theme snap
  5. Ink themes

15.Software development

Software development is a very demanding business. You can earn money by creating various software. Sometimes you can earn a million dollars by selling software.

You can also earn money by creating an app for Android’s Play Store or iPhone app store.


In the above-mentioned discussion, I gave15 online business ideas. But you do not have to be limited to these 15 businesses. Whatever you have experience and knowledge about, you can do online business on that topic.

Instead of thinking of such business more money than that, think about which one is suitable for you and you feel comfortable. With that work, you can start the online business online.

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