Top 5 ways to increase memory | ways


Everyone wants to care for memory. People want to always illuminate their brain in the light of the moon. It is necessary for memory to be remembered. So there are some rules to follow this memory. That’s what we will find in our memory. We should follow our policies. That’s how we highlighted the top 5 ways to improve your memory.

1. Exercise, stay tight

Exercise or romance does not just make the body shine, the brain is also luminous. So starting with exercise in the morning, there is nothing better than that. Can be able to focus properly on the job. Catch the ball repeatedly with the wall, which also increases attention.

2. You have to sleep well in the night

It is very important to sleep at night to keep the brain or memory power up. Those who are suffering from memory, stress on sleeping well every day. 7 to 9 hours a night to sleep. Stop watching TV at least one hour before bedtime. At that time, the smartphone or tab also cannot be made to the base. For the night to sleep well, caffeine and alcohol will be eaten less in the day.

3. The brain must be stimulated

There is also a scar on the scalp, it is also in the brain. To avoid the risk of memory disorder with age, brain activity should be kept busy. If you look at the daily paper, you can make a good head. In addition, learn new things. You have to associate with people. The brain will be razor-sharp.

4. Reduce the number of disturbances, the better the Mars

If there is a physical disturbance to work. But, try to reduce that distraction as much as possible. Do not increase the workload. If you do not give the body, sometimes ‘no’ will be to say. Because chronic stress causes damage to your brain cells. The effect of which is on memory. Missing memory can also lead to severe frustration.

5. What is eating, very important?

Exclude sugar or sweet foods from the food table before recovery. Along with eating lots of vegetables and fruits, the importance of omega-3 fatty acids is rich. You also have to eat antioxidant foods. Because antioxidant protects brain cells. Green tea is very beneficial for that reason. Reduce oil and vegetables from the daily meal, if possible, emphasize the meals cooked in small olive oils.


In the end, I want to say that there are more ways to do more than the above five remedies on memory. That is not possible to highlight the details. So, we should be thinking about growing awareness as well as improving memory.

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