Summary | 5 Strategies for Summary Writing


All of us are in student life and many have to write summaries and also have to write summaries. The majority of Bangladeshi students from the 6th grade of the English summary writing in writing to write in the exams, or memorizing some parts of the original passage. However, the main subject of summary writing is that by reading a given passage, writing the basics of that passage in your own language is written. The matter of writing in your own language is the most important thing here. But many people memorize it because of not knowing the techniques of summary writing and if they did not get the test, they would write some lines of the original passage. But knowing some simple techniques and practicing a bit, the summary of an unseen passage can be easily written.


A summary is an essence. Simply put, it is possible to summarize what many things are written to reveal a lot of words. Summary / summary can be called an essay of a written article / story / poem / novel / etc.

5 Strategies for Summary Writing:

To write a standard, you must first understand the passage on the passage. It takes more time to read but does not get much time for testing. But following some strategies, it is possible to understand the passage easily in a short time and write the summary. Here, some simple steps and techniques of summary writing are discussed

1. Skim the Passage:

Firstly, the text/passage should be skimmed, that is, to get a general idea, take a closer look at the whole passage. In this case, many students do not want to read the full passage in the exams due to lack of time. So knowing skimming strategies, summary writing will be very easy and they will not have to read the full passage. However, the important lines of the passage must be read. The time of skimming is very quick to see the subheadings of the passage. If there is no sub-heading in the passage, if you read the first line of each paragraph of the passage, you can get an electrical concept about the passage.

2. Write the First Line:

 After getting the basic idea about the passage, the second step will begin. The summary has to be written in the first place that the passage is written about a topic and who wrote (if mentioned). This line must be written in your language because it will not be provided in the original passage. In this case, after examining the first line of the examiner, you can understand that you wrote the summary itself.

3. Mark the Important Sentences:

 The next step is the most important. If you have minimal skill in English Writing, you can easily use this theme to write a summary. The purpose of writing Summary is to compress a single text, so your first goal is to keep the unnecessary or less important part of the passage out of the summary. In this case, it is best if you can identify the most important sentences/phrases in the passage. You can write a summary by typing your own sentence/phrases into a new text.

4. Rewrite the Sentences:

 The easiest technique to rewrite is to change the structure of the sentence and to use the synonym of some words (synonyms). You can take the help of transformation and narration (convert from direct speech to indirect speech) to change the structure of the sentence. You can take two sentences (compound/complex) sentence with a clause in the sentence that is a simple sentence. It changes your sentence structure, but the meaning remains the same. Also, the use of transitional connectors such as however, moreover, hence, thus, despite, in addition, etc, to make relationships between sentences, the summary will be more standard. However, if there is no proper use of connectors, then it is best not to use them.

5. Use Synonyms:

Mark words that you know about synonyms and phrases in the sentences/phrases, and use them when rewriting.


Finally, I want to say If you follow the techniques and steps mentioned above, you will become proficient in summary writing and your English writing skills will increase.

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