10 Useful Banana Shells | Banana Benefits


We will be surprised if we know the quality of the banana shells. Because of the benefits of how the collar shells are. Then we threw the corners of the banana, where we threw it. The corners of the collar can sometimes cover our danger. So, where there will not be a banana peel, there will be the banana shells in the place or in the dustbin. We will use the banana shells if we need them. Actually, we can use that banana peel for some needs or some benefit. We have highlighted some of his benefits.

1. For whitish white teeth

Can use black spots for natural teeth whitening teeth. Many people can not get rid of yellow teeth. Toothbrush for some time with the inner side of the collar shell. Banana shells work well in reducing pain in the tooth. If you use one week of grinding black gram flour every day, it will do good work.

2. To remove acne

The banana peels are beneficial to remove facial acne. Acne once does not return once it is released. Acne problems will be spent if you keep your mouth full of scent.

3. Tired of exhaustion

It can be cooked and cooked as dirt by throwing banana peas. Obesity is removed in this. Mora-control chemicals have been stored in large quantities of kerosene. So serotonin removes body fatigue.

4. To remove facial marks

It is easy to remove facial stains using banana shells. The blur is mixed with the honey mixed with honey and it removes the stains well.

5. Protects against ultraviolet rays

The banana shell can protect you from cataracts. To remove itching and eye glaucoma, you can peel the banana on your eyes. The collar kiosks contain anti-oxidant lutein. This lutine protects the eyes from the ultraviolet rash.

6.The sacrifices are far away

Banana shells are also beneficial for the skin. The banana has anti-oxidants in the scab, which can cover the boilers. It can help with the skin.

7. Grandfather’s medicine

The banana grist also works as a medicinal medicine. During the hair, when the blister of the collar grows, the itching will stop and the stomach will get better.

8. For smooth skin

If the face is dry and dry, keep the inner part of the collar graft in the mouth. Then wash it. You will see the skin smooth and smooth.

9. Removes scabs

If anything on the skin is somewhat debris, keep the banana shells in the place where it is cooked, or boil the banana peas in the water and wash the infected areas with water for a few days. Get benefits

10. Insect-bite bites

If a worm-bark suddenly bites and stays in the towel, then use the collar shells for it. Quick pain and itching can be cured.


Finally, we want to say that we will not place the banana shells in there. Then we will be able to survive the collapse of the banana shells. So today we will use the banana shells where we do not need them.