10 Benefits of Banana for Beauty and Health


We all know that eating bananas is good for our health. But because of not knowing why it is good or how it benefits us, many people do not give much importance to banana. Among the beneficial uses of the caller, it reduces blood pressure and prevents toughness. In addition to these two benefits, there are many more benefits of the banana. Likewise, some benefits are highlighted here.

1. The meat curry makes it more delicious

In some areas, the meat is cooked with a clap to make the meat soft and delicious. You can also get these same results by using bananas in the curry. Bought bananas from the market but still have it? What are you thinking Sprinkle with banana with meat? As it turns out to be home-based raw bananas, the number of vitamins and fiber in the body will increase significantly.

2.Makes hair more attractive

Banana can be one of the alternatives instead of cosmetics in hairstyles. You can use banana hair as a hair mask. There are many nutrients including Vitamin B and Folic Acid that help in the beauty of the hair greatly. You can get better results by adding other natural ingredients to your hair with beauty. For this, you need bananas, milk, and honey. Mix the ingredients together well. After that, wait 20 minutes with your hair. Then wash it.

3. Increases the brightness of the skin

Using the banana can easily increase the skin’s brightness. Just put the banana on the face of the banana. Then wait 15 minutes and wash your face with cold water. In vitamins, there are vitamins in the skin, which also include Vitamin-E, which gives the skin the twinkle of youth. If you want to remove the face spots on special occasions or on the night before the event, use the whole face of the banana to get good results.

4. Provides medical support

The need to accept probably for controlling harmful bacteria in our gut. The increase in the intestinal bacterial bacteria is affecting the entire body. One of the most prominent sources of probiotics in the art of art is the Fructooligosaccharide (FOS) which helps in the growth of beneficial bacteria in the body.

5. The anxiety turns away

Due to the abundance of potassium which reduces high blood pressure. It also reduces stress and increases emotional competence. The reason is that it regulates cortisol stress hormones. So before starting any serious or sterile work, apply the practice of eating a banana.

6. Help reduce weight

Eating bananas as a substitute for more carrot foods helps to reduce weight. Besides, banana is a sweet food and you will be free from sugar aspiration. There are only 105 calories in a medium-sized solution. There are also chromium minerals in the artillery, which help in metabolism.

7. Exercises in physical labor and exercise

Vitamin-C needed for major physical work Because it makes the body muscles, ligaments and veins strong. Vitamin C contains plenty of calories. As it helps a lot in physical exertion, so before eating, the practice of eating bananas is very beneficial.

8. Foot ankle helps in the ministry

If the ankle of the foot bursts, then the banana is very beneficial. Just put the banana on the ankle to your feet. Then wait for a while so that it can slowly enter the chamber. From now on you will not have to worry about the truncated ankle.

9. Helpful for sleeping

Night at the side of the bed, but does not sleep? Banana is the natural solution to this problem. Banana Tryptophan is a very good source of amino acids. This tryptophan plays an important role in the formation of hormones called serotonin. This hormone comes with peace, and even if the mood is bad, it can do better. Take a banana about an hour before sleeping so that your body can digest the digestive trapefone and give it to you.

10. Do not stop a migraine

The pain of a headache and migraine can make your whole day soil. But art can be prevented from this situation. Because of the abundance of magnesium in the pulse, it acts as a cure for a headache. So if you want to start hurting your head at any time from now, then eat a banana on the saddle.


Finally, I want to say, after going to the market or buying anything from the store, you will never forget to buy bananas! Eat regular bananas and stay healthy and beautiful.