What is Victory day ? Surrender

Victory day

On 16th December, the day of victory Day is celebrated throughout Bangladesh as a special day in Bangladesh. On this day, on January 22, 1972, a notification was celebrated as National Day in Bangladesh and officially declared a holiday on this day. After 9 month war, on December 16, 1971, about 91,634 members of the Pakistani occupation forces in Suhrawardy Udyan, Dhaka, comprised Bangladesh and India. Officially surrendered to the Joint Forces. This resulted in Bangladesh on the Earth A new independent and sovereign state has emerged. On this occasion, Bangladesh Day is celebrated with appropriate emotions and huge enthusiasm every year. On December 16th, the day started 31 times with the tearing. ‍


For the day, thousands of mothers and students etc have become acquitted. That is forgotten like ours. The governor wrote, ‘I want to know what you have taken on behalf of you in terms of the Presidential message sent to me and you. It is clear in the message that you take all necessary steps to stop the conflict and take action to protect the lives of the members of the armed forces, the people of West Pakistan and its people. I request you to do whatever you need. “Niazi spoke to General Hamid on the phone in Pandey. General Hamid called him ‘to act accordingly’. Niazi wanted to talk to President Aga Mohammad Yahya Khan In another serious situation in the country, Yahya wrote, Niazi wrote, “General Hamid said he (Yahya) went to the bathroom. He was, in fact, not in the bathroom, he was in a state of unconsciousness. Then Air Marshal Rahim Khan talked to me, he too seemed drunk, he pressured me to make a presidential order. “Then Niazi took the arrangement to send the message to rescind the fight made by Malik-Ferman Ali Mussabidah to the Indians.


This day is not a mistake. The bloody shadow behind the day is achieved. How much pressure, how many tears of bloodshed, this victory day.