How to be a good student ? 11 Ways

We all have dreams. I’ll be a goodstudent. I work hard, I can implement the dream. But without following therules of the policy, become crazy to assimilate. Today, 11 ways to be a good student among you.

  1.  Fajr (before becoming a Subh-Sadiq) before sleeping.
  2.  Cleanliness should be clean and health should be cared for.
  3.  Regular prayer is to be done and to be used with everyone.
  4.  To be educated every5-6 hours a day.
  5.  Must be present regular classes.
  6.  The day will be completed on the day of the day.
  7.  In the classroom, listen to the teacher carefully.
  8.  Handwriting needs to be beautiful.
  9.  Regardless of the notes and guides, it is important to read the original book.
  10.  Quran and Hadith should be practiced.
  11.  Every night, we have to fall asleep in the night.

At last, though this rules following, however, you will be a good student turn, I think my mind. But we can see different rules in the book.

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