Teachers and Guardians Responsibility

To educate a child about good education, one is teachers and guardians need to abide by certain things.For educating a child, we need to abide by some of the rules and someinstructions on the students need to be admonished. He will not grow up as welleducated. So you have highlighted some advice or responsibility.

** Do not lie —- tell the truth.

** Do not discourage — doing Encourage.

** Do not teach mistakes – tell the right thing.

** Do not give discount (pashraya) – explain or rule Do

** Do not show greed — get reward.

** Do not rebuke — give advice.

** Do not say arrogance – teach abut.

** Do not be lonely – give Sontangong.

** Do not be shy — give teach.

** Do not rebuke — give understand.

** Do not give up – give love.

** Do not condemn – loving.

** Do not neglect – give importance.

** Do not be envious —doing try.

Finally, following this advice or duties, however, a child/student turns a well-educated. As a child/student teacher and guardian both perform well-educated counsels or duties. This advice or responsibility applies to the study, to educate your students/children well.