Report | Report objective | Reporting features


The report refers to the necessary information-seeking basis on a particular topic. Reporting facts or statements report English version of the report is Bangla terminology. But along with the report, the English report is in the word and in Bengali. The reporter is called a reporter.

Report objective:

The purpose of the report is to clearly inform the authorities about certain content. It will be said to follow the characteristics of neutrality. The opinion of the report is expressed on any topic. The report helps in coordinating work and adopting a decision.

Reporting features:

The report has to be composed of specific structures and according to the rules. It has to be written on a specific incident, and it will be argued that the reasoning report is to be compulsorily compiled and there is no scope for the writer’s personal emotional position. The report’s statement will end with conclusions and recommendations.

Following traits in writing the report:
1. Specific structure:

When preparing any report, according to a specific structure. This will include a title, recipient’s name-address, topic of contents, content, documentary, signature, date etc.

2. Correct information:

The report will be based on the right information. The main task of the report is the investigation. Therefore, the importance of information should be given special importance.

3. Completion:

The information that will be presented in the report should be accurate and complete.

4. Exposure:

There will be clarity in the statement of the statement so that it is easy to get clear ideas about the subject matter.

5. Alteration:

The report will be unavailable. It will be preferred and cannot be included in any discourse.

6. Gorgeous presentation:

The report will be presented interestingly. Its speech is expressed in simple language.

7. Superish:

The report should include recommendations on the conclusion so that appropriate authorities can make decisions about the problem.

Finally, I want to say, these features have been written for the report, but different reports have different features. By following the rules above, you can write a note. This feature will assist you in writing your report.

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