The real story of self-sufficiency

The real story of self-sufficiency:

The real story of self-sufficiency

The real story of self-sufficiency:


I want to tell everyone the real story of self-sufficiency. Instead of running for a job after reading and writing, there are many people who raise cattle. I want to set his example. The words were passed by the student who passed the degree, Alam Bright, 25. He is the son of Abdul Master of Suki village of Ataikula. The cow wants to fulfill her hidden desires in her life story. She has already begun to implement her wishes.


The poor housemates were disappointed when they passed the 28-degree examination. On the one hand, his physical structure is so fragile that on the other hand, poverty does not allow him to raise his head. Ujjal hopes to get a job by selling Bigha land. Eventually, if he could not find a job, he bought a land worth Tk 1.5 lakh and some more money from his relatives and bought four cows and started rearing. It began with the journey of self-reliance. After six months, the cows were sold and paid the debt and made a profit of Tk 1.5 lakh. With the money of profit, he built a cow house and later borrowed more money and started raising cattle worth Tk 1 lakh. The cows were sold at Dhaka Kurbani Hut and earned around Rs 1 lakh. This is the continuation of his self-reliance.

Part :3

This year, the number of bright cows has increased to 6. This time the cows that will be taken for sale in the hut will cost one to one lakh taka. The weight of each beef will be from 20 to 5 mana. Dealers from different districts have already started to call prices at home. She has already placed the two men on a yearly contract to raise these cows. Because of the high prices, the cows have to sell their trucks to Eid Hats in Dhaka.


At last, Bright said, unemployed, Milk of Baghabari goes to a relative’s house next to the waiter. Being there for several days, he gained very real experience of rearing cows. In light of that experience, the long journey started brightly. That journey is at the brink of success today. These cows do not use artificial food as bright food for rearing. Nature’s food is more important. Goats include rice, sweet pumpkin, potato Sidhu, wheat husk, saffron salad, wheat straw, sesame, and salt. He is not known to have a fat or refreshing tablet or cow.

Last Part:

Finally, he was swollen and said, “Although I raise many expensive cows, no help was given from the Animal Resources Office. Many times the work has not been done at all. He sent Hajj’s father to Hajj with a profit from his cattle. He bought a motorcycle for himself. Home is decorating the house in a new way. He wants everyone in the country to run his own business, not to run after his job. Then the country will benefit as the whole society will benefit from the burden of unemployment.

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