20 Instructions for Creating an Ideal Child/kids


Children are a great blessing and deposit from Allah. For this reason, it is the duty of the parents to make the children honest, exemplary and good in character. The children of today are the directors of the state of today, responsible in various fields of society and citizens of the country. So our future depends on building them properly. Therefore, it is very important to keep in mind the following 20 factors in the formation of an ideal child:

1 /  For a child of the ideal, it is essential for parents to be honest and ideal.

2 /  Pray to God for the child.

3 /  Do not frighten children by talking about ghosts, thieves and robbers.

4/  Do not insult or humiliate children in front of others.

5 /  Not addressing him using bad or unpleasant words. Such as, stupid, dishonest, donkey cows, goats.


6 /  In any case, to correct the mistake politely and politely. (Especially for the first time)

7/  Protecting equality with children.

8/  Keep them in separate beds when they are 5 – 10 years old.

9 /  Keeping matters of marriage close to you (even when the child is young).

10/  A mother should not wear thin, tight or clothing in front of children so that her secrets are exposed.

11/  Do not allow children to see pornography, filthy pictures or films or read bad stories, novels, magazines              etc. If you complete the age of 12 / seven, perform the prayers and the age of ten, Do not pray from the               light beating.

 12/  Honesty, security Helping helplessness, respecting guests, etc. are good Training the character.

13/  If you pray at the age of 7/7, then order the prayer and if you do not pray from the age of ten, then lightly           strike.

14/  Training of good character, such as honesty, honesty, giving priority to others, helping the poor,                             respecting the guests, etc.

15/  Accustomed to not using false, abusive, filthy and low quality words.

16/  Knowledge of the fundamentals of Islam at an early age. Such as: Fear of Allah, Prayer of Prayer, etc.

1 7/  To be aware of the rights of others. For example, parents, siblings, teachers etc.

1 8/  Teaching sociality. Such as: Greeting, treating people well.

19 /  To teach the use of technology such as computer, internet, mobile etc. and to create awareness about                  their misuse.

20 / Always make friendly cordial relations with them without intimidation so that they can tell their parents                about any problem.


Finally, I pray to the Almighty God, that He bestow upon each and every parent the proper care of their children. Those who will be able to soften the eyes for the parents, will be beneficial for the country and society and the salvation of the parents in the Hereafter.