50 | Fifty Names Of Clothing Costume For Kids


They are many peoples or students do not know the various clothing costume names or do not know the various real clothing costume names or right clothing names. If we cannot tell the clothing names however we are the various problems face in front of the peoples or students. There are various problems faced with selling and buying/ Reading or writing/ , Input or Output business.  There are also various problems faced in Input and output business. The name of the garment contained or clothing costume names in our textbook is not sufficient for the students or peoples. So in this article, I have mentioned fifty garment contained names or clothing/ clothing costume names for your kids/children/ students. Given below:

  1. Dress
  2. Cloth
  3. Flannel
  4. Hessian
  5. Cotton Fabric
  6. Shirt
  7. Pant
  8. Coat
  9. Turban
  10. Petti-Coat
  11. Guernsey
  12. T-Shirt
  13. Necktie
  14. Gloves
  15. Belt
  16. Towel
  17. Sailcloth
  18. Lungi
  19. Handkerchief
  20. Wrapper
  21. Socks
  22. Blouse
  23. Fez
  24. Brassiere
  25. Hat
  26. Cap
  27. Nap Kin
  28. Scarf
  29. Piece-goods
  30. Velvet
  31. Veil
  32. Saree
  33. Chemise
  34. Sleeve
  35. Woolen dress
  36. Dhuti
  37. Under wear
  38. Jacket
  39. Gown
  40. Frock
  41. Muffler
  42. Punjabi
  43. Skirt
  44. Pullover
  45. Mark
  46. Boot
  47. Slipper
  48. Shoe
  49. Boot-lace
  50. Wooden sandal


Finally I want to say , In these articles I have mentioned mainly clothing costume names. Which you can teach your students or your children. Reading or writing, Selling or buying, Input or Output business we will cannot various problems faced and Can’t remember it .  I hope, there are the kids/children/ students/peoples will be faced to the problems in future. If you have any questions please me message on my Facebook page/faysal’s education counsel.