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In any language, the subject of time has been emphasized very much because time is life. And the value of the life span of any individual, group or society is beyond limits. At this time, however, the idea is eternal. But individuals or groups have different periods of time.


The period used to explain or describe a sentence during an event, work or situation, etc is called Tense. Time is mainly divided into three parts. For example

>> Present Tense

>> Past Tense

>> Future Tense

Again, there are 12 types to be divided into three types. I mentioned it below. Besides, I outlined the rules of 12 types.


v  Present Indefinite Tense

v  Present Continuous Tense

v  Present Perfect Tense

v  Present Perfect

Continuous Tense



v  Past Indefinite Tense

v  Past Continuous Tense

v  Past Perfect Tense

v  Past Perfect Continuous Tense



v  Future Indefinite Tense

v  Future Continuous Tense

v  Future Perfect Tense

v  Future Perfect Continuous Tense


V1 = Verb – Present form, V2 = Verb – Past form, V3 = Verb – Past Participle form

Tense – ‍Structure:

  1. Present Indefinite Tense – Subject + V1 + Ext..
  2. Present Continuous Tense – Subject + am/is/are + v-ing + Ext…
  3. Present Perfect Tense – Subject + have/has + V3 + Ext…
  4. Present Perfect Continuous Tense – Subject + have been/has been + v-ing + Ext…
  5. Past Indefinite Tense – Subject + V2 + Ext…
  6. Past Continuous Tense – Subject + was/were + v-ing + Ext…
  7. Past Perfect Tense – Subject + had + v3 + Ext..
  8. Past Perfect Continuous Tense – Subject + had been + v-ing + Ext…
  9. Future Indefinite Tense – Subject + shall/will + V1 + Ext…
  10. Future Continuous Tense – Subject + shall be/will be + v-ing + Ext..
  11. Future Perfect Tense – Subject + shall have/will have + V3 + Ext..
  12. Future Perfect Continuous Tense – Subject + shall have been / will have been + v-ing + Ext..


Finally I want to say , In order to write a topic clearly in English, to write, one must follow the rules of tense . Otherwise it will have to suffer different problems. If you have any questions please send me message on my Facebook page (fb/Faysal’s Education Counsel).

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