Name of Hathazari and History

Name of Hathazari and History:

Name of Hathazari and History

Name of Hathazari and History:

Introduction :

All peoples or students want to know about the history and naming of Hathazari, locations and boundaries. But I have explained in this article some information about the Hathazari.

History and Naming of Hathazari:

Firstly :

Hathazari is a historic and important Upazila in northern Chittagong. Hathazari is named after a historical event. Its former name was Aurangabad. Aurangabad is comprised of the present Hathazari, Northern Rouzan and Fatikchari. Since the Mughal rule in Chittagong under the Aurangabad pargana, the duty of keeping the peace process and protecting of the external enemy from the hands of the foreigners was given to the twelve Hazari. Due to the bureaucratic system, the then central government disregarded the orders of the Nawab of Murshidabad and the Hazaras continued to neglect their duties and acted against the Nawab.


In Chittagong, Nawab’s representative Mahasinh took the invitation to the Nawab’s cousin at Sitakunda, cheating on a conspiracy to undermine the power of the Hazaris. He was able to imprison eight thousand women by treachery. Of the twelve Hazaris, two Nawabs of southern Chittagong admitted to being submissive and were released. Of the remaining ten, eight were sent to Nawab’s court in Murshidabad. Two thousand men escaped and survived.


The Nawab of Murshidabad ordered the killing of eight Hazaras in iron cages and drowned in the Ganges river. As a result, the power of thousands of people in northern Chittagong was reduced. Among the surviving Hazaris, the hats which Bir Singh Hajri established are called Hathazari today. At that time, the hats became known as Hazari or Hathazari.

Location and boundaries :

Hathazari Upazila is located 23 ° north to 22 ° 25 ° 22 ° north latitude and 3 ° 8 to 5 ° 8 east longitude of Chittagong District Headquarters. To the west of it lies a long mountain ridge and the river Halda on the east.

Fatikchhari Upazila on the north, Fatickchari Upazila and Rausan Upazila on the east, Chandgaon Thana and Bayezid Bostami Thana of Chittagong City Corporation on the south and Sitakunda Upazila on the west.

Conclusions :

Finally, I want to say, this information can be changed in the future, but I have explained about the present. If you have any questions please send me a massage. 

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