Bird Names For Kids | 49 Bird Names


Many people or students do not know the names of many birds. Because Allah creates many birds. However, not all birds were seen. Some birds are known to see them and some bird names are known to humans or students. But they cannot say or remember names in front of people or students. As a result, examinations are faced with various problems in schools or colleges or universities. You can learn bird names for kids or students or children’s. So today I have mentioned some of the important bird names among you. Given below the forty-nine bird names :

  1. Mynah
  2. Swallow
  3. Water hen
  4. Hornbill
  5. Parrot
  6. Parakeet
  7. Crane
  8. Cuckoo
  9. Peacock
  10. Peahen
  11. Cock
  12. Hen
  13. Nightingale
  14. Martin
  15. Eagle
  16. Ostrich
  17. Cockatoo
  18. Swallow
  19. Woodpecker
  20. Hawk
  21. Vulture
  22. Owl
  23. Drake
  24. Swan
  25. Duck
  26. Chicken
  27. Bill
  28. Diver
  29. Pigeon
  30. Gander
  31. Goose
  32. Stork
  33. Heron
  34. Sparrow
  35. King-Fisher
  36. Adjutant
  37. Kite
  38. Fairy Kite
  39. Gull
  40. Bat
  41. Dove
  42. Booby
  43. Crow
  44. Raven
  45. Jack-daw
  46. Sky-Lark
  47. House bat
  48. Nestling
  49. Nest

Conclusion :

Finally, I want say, this bird names you can learn which may benefit you or if you know the names. Then you can teach your child. Or you can share with your classmates. Please tell us if there is a mistake in the names. If you have any questions please send me massage on my Facebook page (fb/ Faysal’s Education Counsel )

 >> You can learn from this Video also Known the Birds Names in Bangla: