Name of Mekhal and History

Name of Mekhal and History:

History and Names of Mekhal

Name of Mekhal and History:


I have shortly Explained in this article’s History and Naming, Location and boundary, Area, and Population of the Mekhal.

History and Naming:

Mekhal Hathazari is a union adjoining the Upazila headquarters. The name Mekhla originates from the word mekhala. Mekhala means the waistband or waistline. The gold rate that women wear when wearing jewelry is called mekhala. According to many, the name Mekhala originated because many tributaries of the Halda river are spread over the village. In the south of Mekhal village, Mitchahara, Sanakhali in the middle, Boalia canal in the northeast, the river Parangal canal in the southeast, and many other tributary branches are flowing. The ancient husbands compared Mekhala to the natural landscape. Mekhala matched the waist ornament of a woman’s waist. Here is the birthplace of the famous Vaishnava Chudamani Pundarik Vidyanidhi. The origin of the Bangla language is the name of the chief disciple of Siddhacharya Kahnpad, the author of the Charapas, Mekhala.

Location and Boundary:

A union of Hathazari upazila of Chittagong district. Located at Mekhal union on the east of Hathazari Upazila. The distance from the Upazila headquarters to the union is about 5 km. Chittapali Union and Hathazari Municipality to the north of this union; Hathazari Municipality on the west; Fatepur Union and North Madarsha Union on the south and Garudwara Union, Raujan Municipality and Raujan Upazila on the east.


Mekhal Union has an area of Twenty Eight Hundred Sixty Seven acres (11.60 sq km).


According to the figures for 2011, the population of Mekhal Union is Thirty-One Hundred Thirty-Six Of these, Fifteen Thousand Eight hundred Seventy-Six are males and Fifteen Thousand One Hundred fifty-Eight females are males.

Conclusions :

Finally, I want to say, this information can be changed in the future, but I have explained about the present. If you have any questions please send me a massage. 

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