10 Business Ideas of Little Money


Many young people in the country today want to do business. But most youths cannot afford the business due to lack of capital. Many people will say that these young people will need a lot of money to do business. Thus, the death of thousands of wills is going on continuously. It does not take much money to start a business. There are many businesses that can be started in very low capital. The characteristics of these businesses are that students, young people, and young people will be able to do this. In the short-term, 10 business ideas were presented among you:

1. Mobile phone shop:

Nowadays, almost all people in the country are using mobile phones. It is said that the demand for this mobile phone will be increased day by day. Currently mobile phone business is very busy. So much money is needed? First, open a store with small mobile phones in small areas. Gradually keep up the store. Then sell the phone accessories.

2. Grocery Store:

You have a lack of capital. So you can give a grocery store. There is a great advantage of this business that does not require extra intelligence. Where shops will be less but will prefer to sell more places. You can continue the delivery of the Ohm delivery system. You can open the Facebook page and order in the inbox. Will deliver products to nearby homes. See your business growing faster.

3. Beauty Salon:

It is the best and easy business for women. You can open a salon after just 2-3 months of a boutique course. I do not think there is a need to say anything about the future of the parlor business.

4. General Store:

The general store or gambling business is very profitable. Keep these daily necessities like soap, shampoo, beauty cosmetics, pen, paper, etc, in these stores. Women can also work with men in this business.

5. Jim:

Nowadays everybody wants to preserve health. For this reason, many go to the gym. You can take this as an opportunity. Take a business out of a good place. If demand increases, open branches at different places if earnings increase.

6. Computer, Laptop Repair:

If you can repair computers, laptops, but it will be a good business for you. If you cannot, then you have to take the training. Training can also be done officially. Only 3-6 months of training can open a computer repair business.

7. Home Canteen:

Where the population is more and more work there. There are more offices or organizations. Many people cannot go out of the office to eat lunch at work pressure. So you can open the home canteen to provide food for different offices. That’s why cooked in the kitchen. Then it will reach the office according to order.

8. Gift Shop:

Can open a business of gifts, children’s toys, flower shops, etc.

9. Milk and dairy products:

It is possible to earn a lot of money by selling milk and dairy products.

10. Chicken Business:

Buying broiler chicken, eggs, etc. from the farm can start the business. This business can be started by investing only 25-30 thousand rupees.


Learn to honor any job. Do not shorten any business. You do not have much time to listen to people in the neighborhood. So stand firm for your purpose. Construct your work as a stage of respect. In this way, you can make yourself a successful person.