10 Tips For Exam Preparation | Boycott and Following


Every student wants to make good results in the examination. But due to some of our faulty mistakes, we cannot do good results or expect good results. If you follow or exclude the following 10 steps. Then the results of the test may be your hope.

  1. If you have not prayed for religious prayers, you can avoid it. Praying according to their respective ranks, at a specific time schedule.
  2. If the classroom is always absent to avoid it, attend the classrooms at the time specified in the schools and colleges.
  3. When teacher-teachers give advice or order in classrooms. Then do not listen attentively to it, you can avoid it. If you are studying in the classroom, listen to it carefully.
  4. When the teaching is given in the classroom, do not note it in the short, you can avoid it. Note the short list of lessons.
  5. If you spend extra time with sports and friends, you can avoid it. Extra time spent in learning.
  6. Do not follow the instruction that the teacher-teachers give in the classroom, do not follow them. Follow their advice and order or instruction.
  7. Do not fall in the time fixed in the house, do not avoid it. Scheduled time index rehearsal sitting to read.
  8. Do not stay awake in the deep night. Sleeping at the scheduled time. And in the early morning, wake up from the morning and offer morning prayers. And if there is another religion, pray to them according to their religion.
  9. Facebook or other sites prevent misuse of time on affiliate sites and spend less time with the educational sites that are available, collect information on your lessons related to it.
  10. Every day 15 days before the exam, there are lesson plans that are available in the Syllabus. They do not forget their eyes, avoid them. 15 days before the examination of the lesson planned in revised.


Finally, I want to say, to follow the above steps. I hope you can expect good results. The following steps will be shared with your classmates.

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