Hathazari | History | Naming | Location | boundaries

Introduction : All peoples or students want to know about the history and naming of hathazari, locations and boundaries . But i have explained in this articales some information about the Hathazari. History and Naming of Hathazari: Firstly : Hathazari is a historic and important upazila in northern Chittagong. Hathazari is named after a historical event. Its former name was […]

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History and Names of Mekhal | Mekhal

Introduction: I have shortly Explained in this articles History and Naming , Location and boundary, Area, Population about the Mekhal. History and Naming: Mekhal Hathazari is a union adjoining the upazila headquarters. The name Mekhla originates from the word mekhala. Mekhala means the waistband or waistline. The gold rate that women wear when wearing jewelry is called mekhala. According to […]

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Report | Report objective | Reporting features

Report: The report refers to the necessary information-seeking basis on a particular topic. Reporting facts or statements report English version of the report is Bangla terminology. But along with the report, the English report is in the word and in Bengali. The reporter is called a reporter. Report objective: The purpose of the report is to clearly inform the authorities […]

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