13 Warnings In Case Of Taking A Job Abroad

13 Warnings In Case Of Taking A Job Abroad:

13 warnings in case of taking a job abroad

13 warnings in case of taking a job abroad

We must be vigilant in every work or study or way of life. More importantly, when you have to migrate from your own country to another country in search of livelihood if you are not careful on the way. Then we have to read different problems. So today I shared with you 13 warnings about taking a job abroad:

1 >>  Do not contact brokers or intermediaries.

2 >> Returning Agency should be asked to show the power of appointment.

3 >> Employment contract should be checked in detail.

4 >> Do not pay more than the immigration fee fixed by the government.

5 >> Photocopy of the passport should be saved. If you ever lose your passport, immediately inform the embassy with detailed information.

6 >> Keep a copy of the contract. Be sure to include the employer’s name, address, phone number, etc.

7 >> Do not take the job from the employer you are taking the job from. This will make you illegal.

8 >> Passport, visa, and contract before the expiration of the arrangement or return to the country at the end of the expiration date.

9 >> Always keep Akama / Bataka Madania / work-permit with you. If not, the police can arrest him.

10 >> If you do not get paid, pay less or pay too late, and engage in extra work, file a complaint to the embassy.

11 >> Strike, the strike is prohibited. In case of any problem, complaints have to be lodged in the labor court on a regular basis.

12 >> It is illegal to change the employer.

13 >> Manpower Bureau or the embassy of the concerned country can be contacted to check the visa and contract.

Only your alertness or awareness can make your journey better.


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