Important 15 Awareness points are outlined:

Important 15 Awareness points are outlined:

Important 15 Awareness points are outlined

Important 15 Awareness points are outlined:

In our day-to-day life, we have to deal with various problems. If we act as we know ourselves. Then I can be free from various problems. So today, I have taken 15 awareness directions.

Firstly :


When you come to Dhaka, do not press the mobile phone sitting next to the bus. When you take it, you will not get it.


Do not leave a bag of coals in the rickshaw. From the side of the motorcycle or car will pull the hatch.


Don’t eat anything on the road, nothing. If you are traveling far away, bring food from home or eat something packaged. If the passenger next door does not eat anything, what is in it?


Do not stand next to the door, two buggies on the train journey. Nor do you smoke cigarettes at the door as good as you like. As romantic as it sounds on the rails of the train, the gangs who snatch are cruel and reckless. Many passengers were found in the vicinity of the train lines across the country. Most are buried as helpless.


If the forehead is bad, you will suffer from stabbing. Let’s get caught. What to do several of the snatchers. You are alone, there is nobody around. Surrounded you An expensive phone in your pocket. In this case, it is better to leave the phone illusion. This is because most of those abducted are drug addicts. The cost of your life is much higher than any other phone in the world.



Going to a restaurant or park with a friend. You will suddenly see a group of boys around you. They are but a gang. Look at you talking a lot of nonsense, pointing out nonsense. In fact, they just want to excite you in confusion. What is their profit, what is it? You say or do something in return because they insulted you. This was an opportunity. They will then bring in a bunch of leaders from outside. The one who comes and brings you in front of your girlfriend. How to make inquiries. Then you will be convicted in the trial. Then the money will be left to you to pay money or to keep a watch, phone or laptop. So, talking in these places means bringing trouble. And if you are in a secluded place, just move away.


Arrived in Dhaka at dawn. Do not go down the street with courage. Wait at the bus stop or at the train station. In the morning when there are enough people on the street, get out.


He died at the train station or at Sadarghat where he could not carry himself. Kulira will drop 400-500 rupees from your head like a sheet in the name of reaching you. So be careful, bargain and then fix the cool.


Be careful when buying a place like Newmarket or Bluefield. If you ask about the price of something curious, it will force you to ask for a replacement price. Remember that there is no profit by showing the mood here, the shopkeepers work in unison.


It is not safe to put these things in the back pocket of the pants, mobile wallets, on the bus. So put these things in the front pocket.



Don’t go to trade fairs, zoos, Chandrima parks or baby shops without knowing the prices are very good. You will find a single or half-plate of biryani will cost you 400-300 bills.


It’s best not to wander around at night. There is no catch if the robber is caught. Even the (some perilous) police (not everyone) are in danger. As innocent as you are, the police do not want to be understood and if you are determined to hold you, you have nothing to do.


Standing at the bus stand, suddenly a microbus came to a stop. It could also be a private car. Your driver will tell you he is taking some extra ‘trips’ on his way back to the garage. Talk about delivering it to you at a very low fare. You don’t get up Had a girl not before.


Standing in the street suddenly, someone in the neighborhood came, be it a boy or a girl or an old man or woman, asking for your phone. Said, one of his problems, one has to give a call right now. If you believe, you give the phone; you will see that the bike will be up soon after.


Always keep the ID card with you. It helps a lot when in danger. Maybe there is an accident, you are unconscious, and then those who come to the rescue will be able to inform your family.

Above all, always be careful, keep your eyes open. Remember. Your safety is in your hands. You should be careful about this.

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