15 Tips From An Ideal Father To Give A Boy

15 Tips From An Ideal Father To Give A Boy :

15 Tips From An Ideal Father To Give A Boy

15 Tips From An Ideal Father To Give A Boy:

The father’s idea is formed, the ideal child of an ideal father. If you educate your child well. Then he can be formed as a citizen of the country, society, family. I learned the 15 advice of an ideal father given to a boy.

1. If you want to sew or paint a shoe, do not stretch the front of the repair shop, rather open the shoe and wipe it once.

2. Sometimes someone is called Kamala, a working man or a boon. Remember they are someone’s brother, sister, mother, father. Give them respect.

3. In terms of age, education, no one should ever look younger. Otherwise, you will be short.

4. Improve your life by studying, but don’t try to step on someone’s neck.

5. Help someone not look back, they can be ashamed.

6. Try to give more than always get. Remember, the hand of the provider is always on top.

7. Don’t do anything that puts a finger on you and your family.

8. You were born as a boy, so do not miss the responsibility.

9. What you have is not written on you. But your users will show where your family is.

10. Don’t ever listen to your wife and listen to your wife, and don’t let your mother stand in the saddle of justice. Can’t throw anyone.

11. If you are invited to someone’s house, eat two handfuls of rice at home. Don’t wait for someone else’s cup of rice.

12. Don’t criticize someone’s home food. Nobody tries to make food cravings.

13. Try not to grow up, to be human.

14. Honor your father-in-law or mother-in-law as much as you respect your parents. And treat them so that their daughter is ready to send you home.

15. Always be gentle and polite and talk. But do not compromise on the wrong.

Finally, I would like to say that in addition to the above, there is much more advice. I gave him some advice. Which you can ask your child to obey.