How to Identify the Fake Deed

The place where we have land, each has its documents/deed. Any documents a genuine copy of any other document. How to recognize it. There are some tips to identify those fake documents. Which you can easily be check.

1) According to the nature of the document, the sub-registry office is written in four registrars or volumes. If any doubt is found in the documents, then the documents will be required to be submitted in the Sub-Registry office with all the information in the registry and in conjunction with the documents stored in the registry office.

2) If the same land is owned by more than one owner, then the land will be able to find out who the original owner is in the area and speak to the local people.

3) In case of signature fraud, examine the seals from the Land Offices and verify authenticity with the signature specialist, to determine the duplicate signature. But there are some things to keep in mind at this time. Such as:

# The old document but the seal is new, or the date of the official closure date,

# The old mark sealed but imitated by showing new, especially vested or dead property living.

4) It is necessary to know whether the continuation of mutation or nomenclature is done by the Assistant Commissioner (Land) office. specially :

# Sellers deal with CS survey,

# Whenever the land is sold in the survey, the land address and the number of the sphere number are exactly as mentioned.

5) To get the right ownership of the land from the seller, requesting all the documents along with the Vaas documents will be required to match the land serial and document number from the sub-registry office.

6) If the land has been documented, then it has to be seen whether the pictures of both parties have been used.

7) In case of a given land:

# Date of execution and possession of documents,

# The documenter’s relationship with the recipient and whether or not the document has been registered.

8) The last time the sale of the land is to be collected and addressed by the author, the name and address of the author’s assistance has been received and should be discussed directly with him.

9) The name of the stamp vendor, address and serial number mentioned in the opposite page, and the date of sale should be ascertained.

Al last , You can stay such as variousways and various ideas bring the fake documents/deed. But I will be explainedthe main ways.

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