8 scientific Benefits of Ramadan

8 scientific Benefits of Ramadan:

8 scientific Benefits of Ramadan

8 scientific Benefits of Ramadan

For the servants of Allah, the month of Ramadan brings good for this world and the next. In order to observe fasting, a Muslim has to abstain from all kinds of food and drink and physical contact every day of the month of Ramadan, from dawn to dusk. Stomach ailments, indigestion, indigestion, gastritis can also be treated.

Intellectual doctors and researchers know very well that the great creator did not force Ramadan for no reason. Now let us know the 8 scientific benefits of Ramadan:

1 / Reduces the risk of diabetes:

Patients with diabetes always have to be extra careful when it comes to calorie intake. A separate restriction on calorie intake on the day of Ramadan works. So if you fast, the risk of getting diabetes is less.

2 / Keeps old age away:

People who are not afraid of old age can hardly be found. Aging makes both body and mind burdened and helpless. Fasting increases longevity and eliminates the problems associated with aging.

3 / Increase the performance of the brain:

Fasting in Ramadan undoubtedly creates a kind of positive feeling in the body and mind. If you fast for two days, the rate of growth of hormones in the body increases five times. By fasting in Ramadan, new cells are born in the brain. As a result, the efficiency of the brain increases.

4 / Reduces the risk of a heart attack:

One of the amazing ways to reduce blood pressure without medication is fasting. When fasting, first glucose, then fat particles are depleted and energy is produced. The metabolic rate also decreases. Decreased production of stress hormones like adrenaline and norepinephrine. And in this, the metabolic rate remains at a normal level. As a result, blood pressure decreases. It has a positive effect on the process of fat accumulation in the arteries which reduces the risk of a heart attack.

5 / Helps to reduce fat:

Many people are suffering from many problems due to overeating. That is why Islam is not in favor of overeating. Excessive food intake causes a lot of fat to accumulate in the body, resulting in the body becoming abnormally fat, which disrupts normal life. But when fasting, the fat accumulated in the body is used for bodywork, and as a result blood circulation becomes normal.

6 / Hormone levels increase :

The hormones that people need more to increase their physical levels increase as a result of fasting. According to medical experts, fasting at the same time acts as an antidote and prevention of diseases in the body. Fasting destroys many antibacterial germs in the body.

7 / Disease prevention and prevention work:

According to medical experts, fasting at the same time acts as an antidote and prevention of diseases in the body. Fasting destroys many antibacterial germs in the body. Elevated uric acid levels increase the risk of various neurological diseases. As the amount of water in the body of the fasting person decreases, the skin disease does not increase.

Some of the traditional ingredients of Iftar also have special health significance. Such gram is a traditional ingredient of Iftar. The amount of meat, vitamins, starch, and mineral salts in gram is surprisingly high. For this reason, the more scientists do research, the more benefits and scientific solutions they will find in every provision given by Allah Ta’ala. Therefore, it is not lawful to break the fast on the pretext of illness.

8 / Increased taste of food at rest of the tongue and salivary glands:

A full month of fasting results in the rest of the tongue and salivary glands. As a result, they are fresh. People who smoke are more likely to get cancer of the tongue. Therefore, smokers who smoke less during one month of fasting are less likely to get the diseases mentioned. In addition, as a result of fasting for one month, the taste of food on the tongue also increases. Especially in the case of those who have lost the taste of food on the tongue due to excessive smoking and drinking.

All in all, Allah gives us forgiveness through fasting. But we fast for the sake of Allah. At the same time, the scientific benefits of the rosary are our extra bonus.

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