7 Disadvantages of using Gaza / Marijuana

Many people lack accurate knowledge about the use of Gaza. And because of this, many of the harmful addicts became obsessed. While knowing some things, it is possible to stay away from this addiction. Given below seven disadvantages….

 Destroys blood vessels

Many do not know how much damage is done by fumes of cannabis. Researchers say that it has a very harmful effect on blood circulation. The American Heart Association reported that they tested the effects of cannabis on the rats, and found that it was serious harm to the blood circulation. If there is only a minute of cannula smoke, it can affect the blood circulation of at least 90 minutes. Blood transfusion is interrupted.

Testicular increases the risk of cancer

Men’s testicular cancer risk increases the risk of marijuana. A study of the University of Southern California found that cancers of marijuana increased greatly in cancer risk.

Short-term memory loss

Marijuana is often seen to be forgotten. And the reason is nothing else, the effects of cannabis. Researchers from the Northwestern University of the United States said that marijuana users have some abnormalities in the brain. Because of this, some of their memories are also short-lived. This loss of the brain lays down due to heavy marijuana, which is no longer good.

Destroys creativity

The idea of many people increases marijuana creativity. Although the idea is wrong, the Netherlands researchers say It does not increase their creativity but rather reduces them.

Destroy the brain cells

The marijuana destroys brain cells with a permanent effect on the brain. That is why it makes people abnormal. Researchers have confirmed this in a long 20-year study.

Social impact

Marijuana does not affect the body itself in many ways, it also influences human behavior. For this reason, others can understand the behavioral issues of Banjasevi. And it also influences socialization. As a result, the manga by is very much in one place.

Barriers to success in life

Hemorrhoids have many different effects. Mental stability does not even come in the form of memory loss. That is why the man gosibi cannot be stagnant in any matter. It also hinders the success of his life.

In spite of this, there are many more reasons for these reasons. I’ve mentioned a few of the main reasons. Therefore, we should not use Gaza to all the people and students.

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