6 Qualities of Essential Oil

6 Qualities of Essential Oil

6 Qualities of Essential Oil-Faysal's Education Counsel

6 Qualities of Essential Oil-Faysal’s Education Counsel

>> The mind is confused due to various pressures outside the house?

>> Impossible fatigue all day but no sleep in the bed?

>> Blood pressure is rising a lot?

In this case, on the one hand, you have to take the advice of a doctor, on the other hand, you have to make arrangements to cool the nervous system. To calm the mind, you can choose Essential Oil to reduce stress on the mind. Mix a few drops of essential oil with any carrier oil and apply it on the pulse point, or mix it in the bathwater. In particular, your fatigue will go away and the mind may become stronger in an instant.


Everyone knows the role of lavender essential oil in reducing blood pressure by relaxing tense nerves in excitement! There is no pair of this fragrance to put to sleep. Drop a few drops of lavender oil in the bathwater, it will soften the body, mind, both.


The fragrance of roses calms the mind, rose extract is used to overcome depression. The fragrance of roses is also effective in relieving headaches and maintaining hormonal balance. Can be used mixed in bathwater, or applied directly to the pulse point. I also like the scent of roses in the diffuser.


Can’t stand the pressure of intense work? Everything is random with various problems? Mix a few drops of chamomile essential oil with any carrier oil and apply it on the navel. If applied regularly, mental stress will be reduced a lot.

Ylang ylang

There is no pair of ylang-ylang to keep the mind calm. Choose this essential oil to lighten the mind by reducing the heart rate. Ylang-ylang will help reduce anxiety by removing the anger or any other negative emotion that has accumulated in the mind. Put ylang ylang essential oil in the diffuser, the house will be full of fragrance and the mind will be subdued.


This essential oil is extracted from the peel of citrus fruits. Understand that bergamot is always in the first row to refresh the mind in the blink of an eye with a fresh fragrance. Bergamot is applied in multiple Chinese herbal medicines and works to reduce bacterial infections and keep the stomach healthy and also can also bring a sense of energy and joy to the mind.


The sweet floral scent of jasmine means a handful of romance! If there is an Indian fragrance, it is jasmine. The scent of jasmine calms the nervous system but does not cause excessive sleep. You can smell the jasmine directly from the bottle, or put it in a diffuser.