What is Graphics Design ? Graphics Design Futures

What is Graphic Design? Graphics Design Futures :

What is Graphics Design ? Graphics Design Futures :

What is Graphic Design? Graphics Design Futures :

>> What is Graphic Design?

You may be wondering what graphic design really is! Well before that tell me is there anything that doesn’t have graphics design? Everything has a design; there is a design on everything outside the earth. Be it natural or artificial. You may not be trying to notice or notice it. Find out a little something is not designed! Now let’s try to define, define in our own way, in fact, it is not possible to define graphics design in one word, then try- “Everything Designed Graphics Design” “is a creative process that expresses ideas through art and technology. It’s called Graphics Design.

According to renowned designer Neville Brody, the analysis of the above definitions is “a combination of design requirements, information, and color that creates more than the sum of its parts”. And color and present with the help of art and technology.

The above definitions actually reveal technical aspects that may be difficult for some to understand. Let’s make it even easier – nothing is better than example, you may have heard of logo design, business card design, interior-exterior design, a logo is blown through the design of a company’s content/name/description/work, etc.

A businessman by design on a business card. Different information is given. An interior or exterior design is designed for a home or an organization. For example, more can be done. All of these graphics design you will find slowly.

>> Why Graphic Design?

Since the definition of graphic design is not meant to be fundamentally specific, it is important to specify the answer to your question! If you analyze the above, you will probably get your answer.

Again, look closely at the objects around you, see that it has a design and it also expresses a meaning and it also has a need. Graphics design is basically for these things. Everything was designed from the beginning of creation. Designing – Design will begin in the hands of people approximately 6 years before BC.

However, the evidence found in various caves as a sign says that it started long ago. And it starts with the needs of the people. An inscription dating back to 1200 BC is preserved in the museum, which is thought to be the earliest intricate design in human hands.

Many years have passed since then. Look at the world today and think about the day many things have been designed. Many innovations are being created.

Better than beautiful! Everything is in need of people. Earlier, it was done on the ground in the pages, in the fields and now digital is the main reason for making such a big talk. All I want to say is that the graphics design/design is basically designed to meet the needs of the people, whether it is business or profession or business, mainly for the needs of the people.

How to get started with graphics design? Before answering this question, let me say one thing. Man does not bring anything at birth, he has to acquire everything. If you do not know anything, think that you are born now – you too should start your journey to achieve it.

>> What are the futures of graphics designers?

I can’t imagine the current world without graphics design. Graphics designs are needed to advertise and pack the products you use all day – soap, shampoo, oil, etc. Suppose for election campaigns – banners, posters, stickers, etc. work also requires graphic design.

The whole thing is that the demand for graphic design is not over and the demand is increasing day by day. So you can understand what the future holds. Graphics design in the context of present Bangladesh:

We usually spend time in unnecessary work and then when we fall back there is nothing to do. We do not value anything at all. If we knew the graphics design, we would have been freed from the darkness of unemployment.

We didn’t have to breathe frustration anymore. If you have a computer internet to overcome the frustration you have to be with enough, then you can see the bright light in front of all obstacles. At this point, the demand for graphics designers across the world, including Bangladesh, is huge. So if you try a little you can change the graphics design it within a few months. There is no such example as a good quality graphics designer earning Taka 1.5 lakh a month.

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