Most Important Daily Conversation Sentences

30 Most important Daily Conversation Sentences


Most important Daily Conversation Sentences

Most important Daily Conversation Sentences

We are living in society. In social at any time we use Bengali sentences in the conversation of daily work or daily life. Every day is used in our daily conversation of Bangla. We can try anytime how to possibly our daily life are using Bengali sentence telling in English. Our children and students are not motivated to tell in English daily conversations of daily life. Also, we are never learning can do it yourself. Because we do not support learn conversation in English your daily life. Most important I have given below thirty sentences in our daily life.

  1. It’s very urgent to go there.
  2. Which way to go.
  3. Pick one you like.
  4. Dad has forbidden me to do.
  5. Please, don’t disclose.
  6. How strange!
  7. It’s gnashing over a trifling matter.
  8. Leave these matters.
  9. I just can’t do it.
  10. How dare you!

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  1. Time to sleep, now.
  2. What’s happened here?
  3. How could you say that?
  4. Don’t you have any work now?
  5. Are you hurt?
  6. Did you feel offended?
  7. What do you think you are?
  8. Did you find it easy?
  9. Nothing to worry about.
  10. What to say about it?

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  1. Divide fifty by ten
  2. Multiply eight by three.
  3. Add twelve and ten.
  4. Get these all by your heart.
  5. Can you recall me?
  6. You read more than I have.
  7. It’s really delicious.
  8. I’ve been waiting for ages for you.
  9. I’m going out for a little walk.
  10. He is a little more intelligent.

I hope, if you can practice this sentence every day, we can say the daily conversation in English. You can try everyday work or daily life using these sentences and also teach your kids or students.

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