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40 Health Tips:

40 Heath Tips

40 Heath Tips

One should always be a little more active in health awareness. Health is not a lie, so keep an eye on health. Follow the rules that are beneficial for maintaining health. Today I have come up with 40 useful tips for you.



If black spots appear on the lips, wipe the lips by soaking cotton in raw milk. If you do this regularly, the black spots on the lips will go up.

2. Mixing tomato juice and milk together and applying it on the face will reduce sunburn.


Hands become very rough after washing dishes. For this, after washing the dishes, mix a few drops of lemon in milk and apply it on the hands. This will soften your hands.


To remove black spots on the elbows, rub the lemon peel well with a tin. The stain will go away and the elbow will be soft.


Acne can ruin your beauty. In this case, rub garlic clove on the acne. Acne will go away quickly.


To get rid of pigmentation or black spots, mix potato, lemon and cucumber juice together and mix half a teaspoon of glycerin in it and apply it on the affected area.


To stop hair loss, apply amla and shikakai oil on the scalp.


Sweat on oily skin makes the face look black. In this case, mix oatmeal and lemon juice together and apply it on the face for half an hour. After half an hour, wash your face with cold water.


For those whose hands are very sweaty, to get rid of this problem, put the peel of the laurel on the hand for a while.


If you have a headache, eat a lot of fish. Fish oil is very effective in preventing headaches. Ginger can be eaten. It is especially effective in curing inflammation and pain.



Honey is effective in insomnia.


You can eat banana and ginger for stomach ailments. Ginger relieves morning sickness and nausea.


If you feel cold, eat garlic.


Cabbage is especially useful in ulcer problems. The food in it helps to heal gastric and duodenal ulcers.


Cabbage is effective in preventing breast cancer.

Health Tips


Apply ripe papaya paste on the face to remove brown spots on the face, then wash off.


To get rid of bad breath, eat two oranges regularly. After two months there will be no problem.


Mix an equal amount of basil leaf juice and lemon juice together and apply it on the face regularly twice a day to get rid of any blemishes.


Apply honey, milk, and bean paste on the face regularly to get rid of excessive dryness. The wrinkles on the skin will be removed.


If the ankle is cracked, apply onion paste on this place.

Thirdly :


To increase the radiance of the skin, chew 15 grams of mustard daily. In a very short time, the blood will be purified and the skin will become radiant.


If any rash appears on the face, apply arahar dal bata paste on the rash. Leave it for a while and wash it off. There will be no stains.


Mix flour and milk together and rub on the back for ten minutes to remove black spots on the back. If you do it regularly, your back will get stained.


There is an herbal look to bring instant beauty to the face. Mix half a teaspoon of lemon juice with one teaspoon of honey and apply it on the face and throat. After fifteen minutes, rinse with cold water. It will keep your face moist.


Rub apple peel on hands and feet to keep the beauty of hands and feet intact. The hands and feet will look much whiter.


You can eat yogurt if you have a fever. You can also eat honey.


Eat tea to prevent stroke. Various studies have shown that regular consumption of tea can not accumulate fat in the arteries. As a result, the risk is reduced a lot.


Honey has many qualities. Honey is especially effective for various physical problems including numbness, sore throat, stress, anemia, osteoporosis and migraine.


Eat onions for asthma. It plays a positive role in preventing the contraction of the airways.


Fibrous foods:

Put enough fibrous grains in the food list Cereals can be served with cereals, wheat, corn, fruit, and yogurt, especially for breakfast. It instantly fills the stomach and also keeps the stomach clean, i.e. eliminates constipation But fruit means apples, not grapes Rather when the fruit is available, it means eat seasonal fruit It also increases immunity.

Fourthly :


Everything the body needs:

You should not eat the same kind of food every day So include a variety of vitamins, minerals, and protein in your daily diet. Moreover, the quality of food is big, not the amount of food For example, proteins provide quality energy without increasing body weight, which is essential for cells.


Fresh fruits and vegetables:

The daily diet should include legumes, beans, legumes, and plenty of fruit. As it helps in controlling sugar in the body, it also plays a role in preventing heart disease Cabbage, cauliflower helps to reduce the risk of cancer According to the World Health Organization, vegetables and fruits should be eaten several times a day People who eat more fruits and vegetables have a lower risk of asthma or allergies.


Say no to fast food:

Shop-made ‘fast food’ or ‘ready-made’ food should not be eaten at all They contain a lot of sugar and various harmful things Scientists say that fast food increases the risk of asthma in children by about 40 percent A study of children in 31 countries has revealed this information So you have to make a habit of eating healthy food from childhood


Food for the brain:

Sugars and glucose are needed for the development of the human brain It is found in various fruits, bread, sweet potatoes, noodles, fish-meat, nuts, etc. So it is important to eat a small number of different types of nuts regularly It contains the basic elements needed by the body It has been found that it is possible to stay away from heart disease by eating different types of nuts two or three days a week Egg yolk is also beneficial for the brain.


Milk or milk products:

Milk should be kept in the food list every day, However, nowadays many people cannot eat milk directly due to allergies, In that case, something else made of milk can be eaten Milk contains beneficial vitamins and minerals for the body That is why it is also called balanced food, In addition, eating fish, meat or eggs two days a week is enough Marine fish contain omega-three fats, which help prevent aging


No pair of ginger, garlic, onion:

Use as little oil as possible in cooking And if possible, it is better to use vegetable oil directly Just as plant foods are low in calories, they are also high in vitamins, minerals, and fiber. Ginger, garlic, and onion are used in Asian cuisine This onion, garlic, helps to prevent cancer And ginger kills bacteria and keeps the stomach clean.


Drink more, salt-sugar less:

You should drink at least one to two liters of water every day however, it is not a sweet mixed drink, that is, not cola, Fanta, or something like that Oh yes, avoid salt and sugar to keep yourself healthy and beautiful, avoiding hypertension or diabetes. Note that in the case of sugar, it should be made in a natural way, i.e. brown sugar and salt should contain iodine and fluoride.


Chew slowly:

If you eat in a hurry, you are afraid of overeating It causes weight gain and it also interferes with digestion So chew food slowly It is half-digested Moreover, understand what you are eating, why you are eating – eat by listening to it, that is, enjoy the food You will ‘feel’ exactly what you are eating, meaning your ‘performance’ will depend on what you eat. And the evidence of his appearance will be revealed.




Walk 30 minutes to 1 hour every day In addition to the movement of the hands and feet, it will also enjoy the open air, which plays a huge role in staying ‘fit’ It is better to have someone by your side while walking, otherwise walk alone for a while Come back and see how the body and the mind – both are in full swing! Walking or exercise also helps to increase the body’s resistance to disease


Carrots to increase sperm motility:

Researchers at Harvard University’s School of Public Health claim that carrots alone can increase the speed of sperm by several times. Along with carrots, lettuce and spinach can also increase the speed of sperm.

Vegetables like carrots, lettuce, spinach contain a kind of antioxidant called beta-carotene. According to researchers, this antioxidant can increase the speed of sperm towards the ovary by 7.5% to 8%.

Tomatoes, on the other hand, contain a type of protein called lycopene. This protein is responsible for the red color of tomatoes. Lycopene inhibits the production of abnormally shaped sperm.


I want to say I have explained in this article 40 health tips. You can follow the tips I hope better mind and better life spend.

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