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What is an entrepreneur? Entrepreneurial qualities and the key to a successful entrepreneur.

Business Entrepreneur

Business Entrepreneur:


An entrepreneur is a person who thinks of his own employment and tries to set up or start a business on his own without any job or subordination. When a business entrepreneur’s venture is successful or self-sufficient, he is called a businessman.

In the case of self-employment, a person starts working thinking of his own employment. A self-employed person will then become an entrepreneur. When he started thinking about his own employment as well as the employment of a few more people in the society, he went ahead knowing the risks and built an organization.

In that case, all business entrepreneurs can be called self-employed, but not all self-employed can be called business entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurship can be about any subject but investing money and labor with risk in the hope of profit is a business enterprise. And the person who takes the initiative in this business is the entrepreneur.

Business environment and entrepreneurship:

In today’s competitive world, it is difficult for a business to thrive if all elements of the business environment are not conducive to improvement.

A person is a business entrepreneur or entrepreneur with strong morale and courage who manages and runs a business successfully even though the results are uncertain. Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneur are closely related. The one who takes the business initiative is the business entrepreneur.

The qualities of an entrepreneur:

1. Knowing that there are risks and running the business in the hope of making a profit.

2. Another outcome of a business venture is a product or service.

3. Creating employment for others. The business venture creates employment opportunities for the owner as well as for others.

Many think that entrepreneurs are born entrepreneurs. In other words, he was born with many personal qualities that helped him to gain a reputation as an entrepreneur. At present, however, it is possible to become an Exxon successful entrepreneur through education, training, and self-confidence and morale.



Personal qualities:

1. Confidence.

2. Creativity and innovative energy and ability to work hard.

3. The potential of leadership.

4. The desire to achieve and the mentality of accepting challenges is the mentality of learning from this failure.

Successful entrepreneurs are endowed with dynamic leadership. Innovative energy means they adopt and use new development techniques in the production process. He worked tirelessly to achieve his business goals and avoided personal comforts and pleasures. He is so confident in his abilities and decisions that he works tirelessly to achieve certain goals and keeps working until the results are achieved.

Hard work:

If for some reason he fails the first time, he starts working on the new venture for the second time to find the reason for the failure. The intense desire to succeed at work is a significant aspect of their character. Real entrepreneurs openly admit their mistakes and learn from them. Learning from one’s own experience and the experience of others and applying that learning in one’s own work is a special quality of an entrepreneur. Successful entrepreneurs get satisfaction and infinite joy from the success of their work.

Success and failure:

Success and failure in business management largely depend on choosing the right field of self-employment. Choosing the right product for business is one of the prerequisites for success. Before choosing the type of product or business, the demand and acceptance of the service or product in the market has to be properly determined.

1. Choose the right product.

2. Determining product demand.

3. Use the right technology.

4. Buyers of goods or services who are aware of the socio-economic and political situation.

5. Verify whether the product or service has a buyer.

6. To fix the way of marketing the product or service.

Determining the exact demand for a product through market surveys and other methods is an important condition for success in business. Moreover, the scope of the product market and the marketing strategy must be accurately calculated beforehand. Experience and education Pre-experience about entrepreneurial business and appropriate education in management helps to succeed in business.


Trained staff can perform tasks with greater efficiency and frugality. This reduces waste in the performance of the organization. It is not always possible for the organization to recruit suitably educated and experienced personnel to address the shortage of experienced staff. That is why the need is met by training the employees after recruitment. In this way, the shortage of skilled and experienced staff of the organization is eliminated.