12 Ways to overcome stock market problems

Ways to overcome the problems of the stock market in Bangladesh were discussed:

12 Ways to overcome stock market problems

12 Ways to overcome stock market problems:


The stock market is an organized market where the shares of a company are traded. As a developing country, there are many problems in the stock market of Bangladesh. Special popular measures have to be taken to overcome these problems. These steps are mentioned below:


1. There is a class of unscrupulous members or brokers in the stock market of Bangladesh who understand the opportunities of the market system, often manipulate the share price through artificial transactions.

 As a result, small investors become destitute and a few broker fingers become swollen bananas. The Securities and Exchange Commission’s oversight measures need to be stepped up so that investors are not discouraged.

2. The authority controlling the stock market has to play a responsible role to ensure that everyone involved in the stock market is performing their duties properly.

3. The market regulatory authorities need to be vigilant to ensure that listed companies pay dividends on time and that the annual general meeting is held on time. If necessary, punitive measures should be taken against these violating organizations.

4. As a company, necessary steps should be taken to prevent fraud and the sale of fake shares.

5. Incentive measures need to be taken to attract foreign investors to the stock market.

6. It is necessary to prevent the leaking of internal confidential information of the stock market.


7. Investors need to take the necessary steps to get ideas and training about the stock market.

8. Arrangements have to be made to use the latest technology to conduct stock market transactions and business activities.

9. Profits or dividends received on money invested from the stock market must be exempt from income tax.

10. Bank loans have to be arranged on easy terms for stock market investment.

11. The number of institutional investors needs to increase gradually.

12. Various government institutions need to introduce a system of issuing shares through the stock market. The service sector should be encouraged to issue shares.


From the above steps, we understand that if the above steps are taken and implemented. It will be possible to overcome the existing problems in the stock market of Bangladesh.


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