11 Stock Market Objectives

11 Stock market objectives:

Stock market objectives

Stock market objectives:


The stock market is a source of the capital market for various companies, industries, and businesses. The stock market is an important component of any country’s financial market.

Stock market objectives:

The purpose for which the stock market is formed and operated is given below:


1. A country’s industry serves as an important component of the capital market in financing trade and commerce.

2. To conduct the sale and purchase of shares, securities, etc. on the basis of professionalism and to create a conducive environment for investment.

3. Encouraging the people of the country to save and attract investment by converting internal savings into capital.

4. Accelerate the economic development of the country through the formation of capital markets and expansion of investment in various sectors.

5. Provide information of listed companies about the daily transaction share price index of various companies in the stock market.


6. To give advice and necessary recommendations to the government for the development and expansion of the capital market of the country.

7. To provide long-term capital for investment in various fields through a transaction of shares and bonds.

8. To publish detailed reports on the financial activities of various companies so that people can gain an idea about it and invest in the company of their choice.

9. To maintain and develop the environment of the stock market so that the securities can be traded smoothly.

10. Maintaining stability in the capital market by preventing speculation in share transactions.

11. Above all, in the case of shares, loans, or securities to introduce various rules and regulations for the convenience of investors.


In conclusion, the stock market in a country is designed to accelerate the financial development of a country and to properly and properly monitor the shares, debentures, and securities of a listed company.

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