10 Directions For Transporting Vehicles.


When we drive by car, we move from one place to another. For example, out of the house, school, college, university or family all went to a relative’s house or went to the market from buying product. At the same time, when we go to those places, we have money, mobile or essentials, or market bags, etc. After we get in the car and get to the destination to get to those destinations. You must follow these 10 directions or tip’s you can follow these instructions.

1 / Determine the destination you are going to before and know the exact full address of the destination.

2 / Then the driver will know the exact fare/money of the destination you are going to or the can you are                   going  to.

3 / Before getting in the car, make sure that all your money, mobile, bag, etc. are fixed.

4/ When you get in the car, you will read the prayer (Subhanalalji Sakhkhara Lana ha-ja wama kunna lahu

mukbarniin, wa inna ila rabbaniya lamunkbalbin. Surah Yakhroof: verses 1-5). If you have a seat belt in the           car, then you should wear it. If you do not have a seat belt, you should be careful in the car.

5/ During the time of the car, keep your clothes restrained on the inside of the vehicle such as

blades,bursas and hands etc.

6 / Avoid talking to the driver while in the car if the driver is able to talk to headphones or mobiles in his ear or       see him sleeping while driving.

7 / Be aware of whether the driver is taking you to your destination. If the driver is familiar or unknown to                 you. Use cautions/alertness with it.

8 / If the driver gives you something to eat. Be it a known or an unknown driver. Be careful about that food or        try to avoid it as much as possible.

9/ If you are traveling to a local service. If you have a stranger on your side in the car. Then be Careful about            the vehicle before reaching the destination.

10 / On reaching the destination, you will check if the money, mobile, bag and others are full right when                         leaving  the car.


Finally, I would like to say the above tips if you are following. Then you will be able to avoid the problems you face while traveling on a vehicle.

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